Pest Control Marketing – Unforgettable!

Have you ever met someone and, for the rest of the day, you just couldn’t get that person off your mind?

Maybe you ran into them again a few weeks later and instantly you knew who they were and what business they were in.

When you meet people, do you have a way of insuring that they will remember YOU?

If you don’t, then here’s your assignment for this week:  Find some way to make yourself UNFORGETTABLE.

When you meet someone for the first time…whether it’s in a group or a one-on-one setting…what is it about you or your product/service that will make a bold, positive and unforgettable impression on that person?

What will you do or say or give them that will insure that they will remember you?

This is so important and such a big deal, especially when networking in your business community for the purpose of generating referrals and acquiring new customers.

FACT:  You want people to remember you (unless you’ve done something really stupid).


Of course you do.

Some people take advantage of a physical feature to make themselves unforgettable.

Example:  If I asked you to name the gorgeous brunette model…you would most likely begin thinking of different beautiful models who might or might not have dark hair.

But…on the other hand…if I asked you to name the gorgeous brunette model with the dark mole at the corner of her left upper lip…you would most likely say Cindy Crawford.  And you would be correct!

I use several strategies to help insure people will remember me.

  • I use my physical appearance. I wear my (white) hair longer than most.
  • I have business cards that, when folded, look exactly like $100.00 bills.
  • I tell humorous stories
  • For over 25 years I have driven a bright red truck.
  • I make sure I’m easy to spot in a crowd.

Now ask yourself this question:  If I was going to meet someone for the very first time and neither of us knew what the other looked like, how would I describe myself?

Another example: I once met a lady at a chamber of commerce networking event.  I ran into her again at several other events.  Each time she was present, she tossed out several small (two inch diameter) foam rubber basketballs to people in the crowd, which they in turn, continued to toss around to each other.  Each ball had her logo printed on it.  People referred to her as “The Ball Lady”.  It was powerful.  I haven’t seen her in years, but I still remember her face and know that she was in the promotional products advertising business. If I saw her today, I’d instantly recognize her as “The Ball Lady”.

On the other hand, I have known some other business people in my community…some for many years… and I still can’t tell you who they really are or what they actually do.  They are so non-descript, both in physical appearance and in conversation, that it’s like…once they walk away…they just disappear from my mind.

They’ve never done or said anything to me that is memorable in any way whatsoever.  They’ve never even impressed upon me what business they are in or what it is they actually sell.  And yet they are out in the community actively seeking more new customers.

It is profoundly important…especially if you intend to spend your time, effort and money networking in your community…that you find some ways to make yourself unforgettable to everyone you meet.

After all…if they don’t remember you…they probably won’t do business with you…much less be able to refer you!

More food for thought.

Have a great day,


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