Pest Control Marketing – How to successfully sell door-to-door

Successful pest control marketing involves lots of little things. And, those little things must be done correctly. Both online and offline strategies should be a part of your overall marketing plans.

One of the most neglected areas of marketing that I find in the pest control industry is door-to-door selling. Oh sure…you have a small group of d2d specialists who make a fortune selling pest control door-to-door. But, the average small pest control company fails to implement d2d as a part of their regular day-to-day activities.

The problem with d2d selling for most PCOs and WCOs is…it involves about 90% rejection and that is hard for the average person to handle. If you knock on a door and someone opens it and yells at you and tells you to get the #@*% off their property and don’t come back it stings your ego and hurts your feelings…at least at first.

But…once you realize and accept the fact that it’s not personal…then you begin to overcome your fragility and you develop a sort of force field around your ego and now you don’t get your feelings hurt so easily.

This topic is something I help my coaching clients with and it makes a big difference in how they approach door knocking and cold calling.

After all…the easiest person to sell pest control to is a neighbor of one of your current customers. Yet most PCOs and WCOs don’t spend a lot of time and effort reaching out to them and building relationships with them.

FACT:  If you will reach out to the neighbors of your current customers you will find that many of them are having pest issues right now and they are ready and willing to hire you right on the spot. They automatically trust you because their neighbor trusts you. And that is a big deal!

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