Learning to identify and use these “Buying Response” Triggers will increase the number of referrals and new customers you get from ANY ADVERTISING you are doing now…and that’s a FACT!

If your website, yellow page ads, newpaper and magazine ads, direct mail, business cards, signage on your office, building or vehicle, etc. don’t contain EFFECTIVE Buying Response Triggers, or if they defy the normal psychological sequences of the brain’s pre-programming, you are losing a ton of business that you will never even know about…and that too is a FACT.

But…once you learn how to properly use those buying response triggers in your ads and in your sales presentations,  the response goes up…and, in many cases…WAY UP!

It’s all about giving people confidence in you and making them feel good about doing business with you right from the start. 

Are you a networker? 

Do you go out into your community and attempt to market your business? 

Are you a member of Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce,  or any other civic or networking group (s) ?

Networking in your community is an extremely powerful and effective way to market your business and get new customers.

Unfortunately, very few people know the exact combination that leads to maximum results from their efforts.  This costs you a lot of business that you are never even aware of.

Believe it or not, I’ll show you 15 things you are probably doing right now that result in new customers and new business falling directly into the lap of your competition and you don’t have a clue it’s happening. Sad but true nevertheless.

I’ll show you how to craft a message, using the right combinations and sequences of words, phrases, punctuations and pictures that will generate a buying response in people and cause them to choose to do business with YOU instead of you competitors.

After all, they want to do business with you.  You are, in a sense, just removing all of the stumbling blocks that act as barriers and prevent them from making a decisive decision.

Your message will help them make the right choice  All you have to do is deliver it.  And that is done with the advertising media you’re already using.

And please understand…this is not about manipulation or coersion in any shape form or fashion.  It is simply about EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION…period.

I will transform YOU into a MASTER MARKETER of your termite and pest control company…if you are ready and willing to be transformed.

All you have to do is be open to a few changes and tweaks to what you are already doing.

If you’d like to know how to get more termite and pest control customers from the marketing and advertising you’re already doing, just give me a  call at 770-993-0004 or email me at Hal@HalColeman.com and let’s talk.  I think you’ll be very interested in what I have to say!

I hope to hear from you soon. I want to help YOU grow your pest control business!

Hal Coleman

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