Pest Control Sales/Marketing – The TRUTH about Hal Coleman

The following unsolicited letter was sent to Hal Coleman from a very successful and well-respected pest control operator in Augusta, Ga. 


Dear Hal,

As you know, I bought my first business in 1974 – as a high school junior and have owned, managed, or been partner in 6 successful enterprises.  My pride and joy of all time is a pest control company, Advanced Services in Augusta, Ga.  We are bigger than 99.3% of the 23,000 other companies in the USA in just 27 years of hard work, bumps, and bruises. 


I don’t think the folks out there know how great your Pest Control Marketing Workshop resource is or how valuable it can be for their business.  Let me tell you what I mean by this.


I spend lots of money and lots of time subscribing to some pretty great sites for learning.  One of my favorites is the  It cost $295 per month, and it is worth every penny!  I go to it two or three times a week and update my knowledge and learn new things from the wonderful folks at EOS.  When I go to Strategic Coach, it cost around $10,000 a year in travel and membership cost – 4 days of focused training and another 4 days of travel to get to and from it – and it is worth every hour of time and penny of cost, or even more!  I go to NPMA Pest World, Aileron, Traction Masters, The NPMA Academy, statewide and regional meetings, and so forth.   


All totaled, I spend around $25,000 a year on fees and travel to keep myself up to date and growing my business acumen, growing my ability as an entrepreneur and growing as a leader.


So, I know what instruction, training, coaching and inspiration is worth – and I pay the price!


Your resource at is amazing for content, and it is incredible as a value proposition.  It is worth $1500 to $2500 a year, not just a small one-time fee. 


I can click on that site anytime and use that to have ongoing discussions and coaching time with my people at my convenience.  Consider the major areas in the site (the two I love the most):  1) Ninja Networking and 2) 46 Proven Strategies.   On your “customer service” section, the first tip will open most people’s minds to something that has made our company famous in our marketplace. 


The lessons are long enough to get the point across and short enough to  not ever bore anybody. 


I feel like I have my hair on fire to get folks to buy your program.  Please tell me how to help you spread this great resource. 


Jeff Annis