Pest Control Marketing – A Lesson From Barney Fife!

Ever watch the Andy Griffith Show?

If you do, who is your favorite character?

Every time I ask someone that question…almost without fail…they answer, “Barney”.

Why?  “Because he’s so funny!”

I might surprise you to know that Don Knotts, who played Barney Fife, was NOT a naturally funny guy.

My friend Ludlow Porch once interviewed Don on his radio show and he said it was like pulling teeth to get Don to talk.

Don said, “People think I’m funny, like Barney, but I’m not. I can’t adlib.  You’ll have to ask me specific questions and I’ll try to answer them as best I can…but don’t expect me to be too funny.”

You see, Don Knotts was not a naturally funny guy…but he was a GREAT actor! When given a script where he had to play a nervous, fidgety, bumbling sheriff’s deputy, he pulled it off brilliantly. He studied his lines and practiced his moves until he had it down pat.

Here’s a personal example:  Awhile back I had to do some serious cold-calling for the first time in many years.

At first I said to myself, “I don’t want to do this.  I hate cold calling. It’s just not me.”

But then I decided to take a lesson from Don Knotts.  I became an actor. I played the part of someone who loves making cold calls.

And, looking at it from that perspective made it a whole lot easier…and I believe…more successful.

 My point is this:  We all have to do things from time to time that don’t feel natural to us…especially in our businesses.  But, in order to be successful, we must do them anyway…or suffer the consequences.

The next time YOU are faced with doing something in your business that you’d rather not have to do, just imagine yourself as an actor playing a role.   And the role calls for you to be somebody else at the moment…who really LOVES doing it!

I think you’ll be surprised how much easier it is.

Now…whatever it is you know you need to do…go do it!

And thanks for reading this letter,


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