Pest Control Marketing – Why you should offer premium packages

Pest Control Marketing Tip # 186

When you stop by a fast food restaurant and go through the drive-in window or stand in line at the service counter, you most likely will order a #1 or a #2…or maybe a #6.  Those are the combo deal meals. They include a hamburger, fries and a drink of your choice.

Why do you order the combo?

Answer:  You order the combo for convenience and to save money.  If you ordered each item separately it would be more complicated and you would probably spend about a dollar more.

The same thing is true at the movie theatre. You order the family size popcorn and drink combo. That is easier and it saves you money.

These are simple versions of what is known as premium packages and they are highly effective sales incentives.

So…do YOU offer a premium package in your business?  When someone is about to purchase a termite treatment or some other treatment or service from you, do you offer them a premium package that includes all of your other services at a noticeable savings?

Heck…I purchased the premium package from Comcast and Verizon.  I’ll bet you did too!.

Click on the link below and watch this short video and I’ll tell you more about why YOU should be offering premium packages if you’re serious about growing your business!

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