Pest Control Marketing – Why customers dump YOU for a cheaper price.

One of my coaching clients recently asked me, “Hal, what can I do about customers bailing out on me and going with another company for a cheaper price?”

I said, “Well…let me ask YOU a questionDo you have a dentist?  Would you bail out on your dentist and switch to another one if you could save a few dollars? What about your family doctor…would you bail and switch if you found a cheaper one? How about your mechanic?  Would you dump him for a cheaper mechanic?  What about your barber?”

His answer to each of those questions was emphatically “NO”.

I said, “So…why do you think people are quick to bail on their exterminator in order to save a few bucks?”

Here’s what I think:

  • They have no RELATIONSHIP with the exterminator.
  • They have not grown to KNOW, LOVE & TRUST the exterminator.
  • They feel no sense of DEBT to the exterminator.
  • They don’t see much VALUE in the exterminator.
  • They don’t have much clue as to what the exterminator actually DOES FOR THEM.
  • The exterminator hasn’t EDUCATED them properly.
  • They view the exterminator as an EXPENDABLE ENTITY.

Most people would never think of dumping their dentist, doctor, mechanic, or hairdresser just to go with a cheaper price.   And it’s all because of the RELATIONSHIP.

We don’t normally dump people we know, love and trust…especially when they are taking care of us.

BOTTOM LINE:  If you will work harder to develop a knowing, loving and trusting relationship with your customers, you won’t get dumped for a cheaper price.  (When I owned my pest control company I was the most expensive company in Atlanta and I averaged double-digit growth for 18 years!)

Yes…I do realize there are exceptions…but for the most part…it is a FACT.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this…and I hope you have a great day.


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