Pest Control Marketing – Which Type Of Website Do YOU Have?

Let me ask you a question. Which type of website do you have… a pretty website or a website that is specifically and psychologically designed to convert viewers into callers and paying customers?

You probably have a pretty one. That’s what most people want.

But, what most business owners don’t understand…and most world class internet marketers do understand is this: Pretty doesn’t sell. Shiny doesn’t sell. Cute doesn’t sell.


For the past several years I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with and getting to know some of the world’s best internet marketers. Some of them make more money in one week…or even in one day…than most people make in a whole year.

And much of it comes from what most people would consider to be plain, simple, even ugly little websites.


Because they understand how to use PROVEN psychological buying response triggers. They know how to communicate in the way that causes people to buy things.

They understand that there is a proper psychological sequence in the flow of information and, if you interrupt that flow, or confuse the message, it creates cognitive dissonance and the flow stops.  The result of that is… the buyer won’t buy.

Savvy marketers understand that fancy graphics…especially moving ones…tend to be major interrupters and stumbling blocks.

It is painfully obvious that the majority of web designers are clueless about this FACT.

I see it every day. The graphics on most websites are like barricades on a one lane road. They simply stop people in their tracks and cause them to turn around and go elsewhere.

And the sad part is… they spend lots of money on SEO to drive traffic to a website that, once someone lands there, they don’t do anything except leave.

In many cases, the site itself drives viewers away like a scarecrow in a cornfield….and nobody realizes it is happening!

Sure, you’ll get some business from a website like that, but you’d never believe how much new business slips away without you ever knowing.

Example:  Build a house that is beautiful on the outside and looks great from the street, but has no doors leading inside, so in order to enter it, you have to crawl in through a window.  Put the toilet in the middle of the bedroom floor and see how many people want to buy that house.   The answer is NOBODY WILL.


Because it has fatal design flaws.

Sure, you have to have a toilet, but we know that it belongs in the bathroom.

Our minds are programed from very early childhood to process things in certain sequences.

Another Example:  We are programed to process black ink on a white background, left to right, top to bottom. The farther away you get from that sequence, the more you are in danger of confusing and losing your viewer.

So, which type of website do YOU have?

Do you have a pretty website or do you have a website that is consistently and effectively converting total strangers into paying customers?

Which type would you rather have?

Do you really know the difference?

Food for thought.

And thanks again for reading my letters,


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