Pest Control Marketing – Which brand of pizza would YOU buy?

Last night my wife Lynn came home with a frozen pizza for dinner.

When I asked which particular brand of pizza she had purchased, she said, “DiGiorno”.

But…later when she asked me to please go place the pizza in the oven, I noticed that it was not a DiGiorno  pizza.  It was, in fact, a Tombstone pizza.

When I pointed this out to her and asked her why she had purchased one brand but thought she had purchased another, she was clueless.  She had no idea how or why it had happened.

And I could tell by the look on her face that she was not in the mood to receive another mini-seminar on brand marketing.  She was tired and just wanted to relax, eat her pizza and watch an old rerun of Gray’s Anatomy.

But I gave it to her anyway.  I just couldn’t help myself.  And, since she was directly involved, I felt she needed to know the truth.

You see, unless your last name is DiGiorno…or you live next door to “The DiGiornos”, you probably associate the name Digiorno with one thing and one thing only…and that would be PIZZA.  It’s the same with Papa John’s.

But…on the other hand…the word  Tombstone  can be associated with lots of different things, including Tombstone, Arizona, Wild Bill Hickok,  graveyards, the movie “Tombstone” starring Kurt Russell, death, cemeteries, gunfights…oh, and yes…even  frozen pizza.

So it’s easy for your subconscious mind (Elmo) to get confused when it comes to the word “Tombstone”. This makes it much harder for you to actually anchor the word to the product.  And that means you are much more likely to accidentally key in on another brand that is more solidly imprinted in your mind.

So…Lynn purchased the Tombstone pizza… but she’s talking about DiGiorno pizza!

Do you see the problem here?

Many businesses, both large and small, make this same mistake in one form or another over and over again.  In an attempt to be cute, clever or catchy, they end up confusing the customer.

And there is no way to ever actually calculate the amount of new business that ends up falling into someone else’s lap…accidentally.

Could there be anything confusing about YOUR brand?

I hope not.

Thanks for reading this and I hope YOU have a great day,


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