Pest Control Marketing – When fishing for new customers…

I just returned from a  great vacation on Captiva Island in Florida.  I got to spend some quality time with my sister and her family.

Also, as you might guess…I did some fishing with my two nephews.

We fished for three straight mornings and caught 11 different species of fish from a small pier near our condo.

We had a big fish fry along with some hushpuppies and cold slaw.  Throw in a few cold beers and it just doesn’t get much better.

I also witnessed a great marketing lesson while fishing from that pier.

There were dozens of hungry, ravenous Snook hanging out around the pier.  They were feeding on schools of small, silver minnows.  It was awesome to watch the Snook ripping into the minnow schools.

Unfortunately we didn’t have any lures that resembled the minnows.  We did have some other lures that we thought should work great…but they did not.

We did catch a few Snook, but we must have made 10,000 casts with no results.  It was very frustrating to see the hungry fish and not be able to catch them.

You’ve often heard me say that catching new customers is just like catching fish.

You must know when they are hungry and what they are hungry for and be able to offer it to them.

If you just try to sell them what you think they should have, you are going to come up short most of the time.

Your customers are NOT you.  They don’t necessarily want what YOU want.

You must listen closely to them in order to find out what it is that they really desire…and then offer it to them.

If you will do that, you will catch a lot more of them!

Food for thought.


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