Pest Control Marketing – How to use the Law of Conformity

In his book, The Science of Influence, Kevin Hogan states that most people tend to agree with proposals, products or services that will be perceived as acceptable by the majority of other people or a majority of the individual’s peer groups.

Everyone wants to be accepted.  “What will people think?” is something that we all ask ourselves at the unconscious level. We want people to look at what we buy and do with respect and admiration.

Therefore, it is important to assure your client…at the unconscious level…that his buying your product or service is an outstanding idea!

So…how do you use this knowledge to help you sell more termite and pest control jobs, lawn care, …or whatever other product or service you might be selling?

One way is by using statements such as…

  • Your neighbors are going to be happy that you have taken care of this problem.
  • Your lawn is going to make you the envy of everyone in your neighborhood.
  • You neighbors will thank you when they find out you’ve done this.
  • You’ve made the same wise decision as many of your neighbors.

These statements are very subtle on the surface, but they definitely speak to the unconscious mind in a way that is powerful.

Allow your client to see his future after purchasing your products and services as one where his peers and family not only approve but are excited about his purchase. This will make him feel good about his choice.

Knowing how to speak to people in such a way that makes them feel good about making the right choice is what all great salespeople do.

And I assume the right choice is… doing business with YOU instead of your competition.

If it’s not, then I suggest you get into another line of work.

As always, I hope this information is helpful to you.



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