Pest Control Marketing – What do YOU open with?

Legendary marketing genius David Ogilvy once said, “If you’re selling fire extinguishers…open with a fire!”

What he meant was this:  It is very important that, when making a sales presentation, you get to the point quickly…and dramatically!

You’ve heard me say many times before that it is the subconscious mind that almost always makes the buying decision.  And the subconscious mind (Elmo) is very lazy. It also becomes bored very quickly and, if you beat around the bush, it will tune you out quicker than a P.E.T.A. member will protest a dead roof rat.

When making a termite sales presentation for instance, you should begin by showing them massive termite damage and then tell them you can get rid of the termites FAST and FOREVER, at a GREAT PRICE, backed by a DYNAMITE WARRANTY!

If you’re selling seat belts, show a picture of someone’s head through a windshield.

If you’re selling a diet plan, show a 500 lb. person in a wheelchair.

They need to clearly see the problem and then have you offer the solution.

It’s very easy to get sidetracked and go off on a tangent that leaves the prospect bored and disinterested. If this happens, you’re toast!

In most cases, if your prospect is the type who is really interested in all of the history or technical details, they have already gone to the internet and gathered all of the information about it they need anyway.

You just need to show them the fire and then sell them the fire extinguisher.

Make sense?

I hope so.

And I hope YOU have a great day,


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