Pest Control Marketing – Video Marketing for Pest Control on YouTube

Does your pest control marketing program include using videos on YouTube?

I’m not referring to expensive videos shot by a professional videographer that you paid a fortune to have produced. I’m referring to simple 1-2 minute videos that you shoot, edit, produce with your iPhone and upload to YouTube yourself.

YouTube is a monster search engine. It is searched almost…some say more…than Google…especially when people are trying to find a home service business such as pest control to do business with.

YouTube videos can bring a ton of new customers and new business to your door…but there are some things you need to know in order to make it work effectively as a marketing tool.

And one of those things is this: You must have searchable titles for your videos!
Without searchable titles nobody will find your videos. And…if nobody finds them…they won’t do you much good when it comes to harvesting new customers.

Example: I had a client awhile back who have over 300 videos on YouTube.

Great, right?

Well…not necessarily. He told me that he was getting very little business from the internet.

I looked at a lot of his videos and…they were GREAT VIDEOS. But there was one big problem…his videos had poor titles that did not relate to what people were searching for when trying to find a pest control company to do business with. YIKES!

So…I immediately gave him the task of re-titling all of his videos. I explained how he should use titles that people search for when trying to find help with a pest problem.
It took him a few days to accomplish this. I’m sure it was a terribly boring, tedious job that he would rather not have had to do. But he did it. And guess what happened.

Almost immediately the phone started ringing and he began signing up new customers! (He actually told me that one suggestion had made his investment in my coaching well worth the price)

Just because you have videos it does NOT mean you will get much business from them.

But…if you do the following…it will dramatically increase the number of phone calls you get from your viewers.

  • • YOU need to be the face on the videos. People like to do business with people…not businesses or corporation. So make your videos PERSONAL!• Identify yourself on the video. Introduce yourself and tell who you are. And put your name and the name of your company across the lower third of the screen!
    • Have proper searchable titles. If no one can find you…they won’t be calling you!
    • Have an offer on your video of something FREE…such as FREE Consultation and FREE Estimates!
    • Have a specific CALL TO ACTION. This should appear in the video across the lower third of the screen as you are talking. Verbally say, “Call Today for a free consultation and free estimate. Say your phone number and display it in the lower third text!
    • Thank the viewer for watching the video!
    • Make sure to smile BIG…especially at the beginning and end of your videos!
    • Be entertaining!
    • Videos should be 1-2 minutes! (Very few people will watch a 5 – 10 minute video)
    • Put your website URL, phone number, offer of FREE Consultation and FREE Estimates in the description box. Put your CALL TO ACTION in the description box as well.

There are other things you can do to increase your conversion percentages but these are the most important ones to consider.

And here’s the best part…creating videos and uploading them to the internet is FREE! All it costs you is a small amount of time.

So…if you’re not using videos as part of your pest control marketing…you are missing out on a very powerful, predictable, effective…and PROFITABLE way to grow your business. And that is a FACT!

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions about how to get started creating and using videos to grow your business and make more $$ this year, feel free to give me a call at 770-993-0004 and I’ll give you some help.

I’d love to chat with you anytime!

To YOUR Success Always,


By: Hal Coleman


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