Pest Control Marketing Tips from Hal Coleman

Here’s a pest control marketing tip YOU can go out and start using today to increase your sales and closing percentages…and that means more $$ in the bank!

FACT:  Your customers look at YOU as the expert. They trust you to be honest and have their best interest at heart. They will take their cues and commands from you based on that trust.

So…the next time you see something that could be a problem, such as evidence of rodent activity or conditions conducive to some type of infestation…don’t ask your customer if they would like for you to check it out.  Instead…TELL THEM what you are going to do.

Think of it this way: If you go to your family doctor for your annual check-up, and they tell you that they hear a funny sound in your chest.  They don’t say, “Would you like for me to recommend a specialist?  No. They say, “I’m going to send you to a specialist and I want you to get a chest x-ray.”

Same with your automobile. If you take it in to get the A/C worked on…and they spot a worn belt…the TELL you that you need to replace the belt. And that’s what you do!

Do you see my point here?

If you ask your customer what they want you to do…it will confuse them and they may put you off. But…if you tell them what needs to be done…they will tell you to do it.

It’s just the way we are programmed…all the way from birth. We are trained to take commands. We generally do what we are told to do.  Even as adults…our bosses, spouses, and others…give us commands to do things.

Examples of common commands that we obey:

  • Read your book
  • Brush your teeth
  • Turn out the light
  • Close the door
  • Smile
  • Move over
  • Pass the salt
  • Hand me the remote control
  • Follow me

There are thousands of commands we automatically obey…without question…and it starts at birth. That’s why it is so important to ad a “Call To Action” each time you take out an ad or do a sales presentation.

FACT: With few exceptions…people do what they are TOLD.

So…don’t ask’em…TELL’EM!

I hope you find this information helpful.

To YOUR Success Always,


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