Pest Control Marketing Tip – How to use your iphone to create dynamite videos, documentaries and movies!

After months of experimenting, thoughts and planning, I have finally been able to create something tangible that will help YOU gain a major marketing advantage over your competition.

I, along with help from my good friend and long-time associate Mike Stewart, have put together a very easy-to-follow, step-by-step, instructional video and tutorial showing YOU exactly how to use your iphone (or ipad) to create dynamite movies, documentaries and videos to promote your business!

I have focused it on the pest control industry, but it applies to any business.

Any business owner, manager or sales representative can use this tool to generate more leads, more referrals, more sales, close more deals and get more new customers.

Just click on this link, and watch my short video explaining why this is so important for YOU.

I have also put together another video, just as an example, to show you exactly how I used my iphone to shoot a video documentary of a termite and pest inspection.  I think it will knock your socks off when you see this video (also on the site) and think about how it could apply to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

So, when you have a few minutes to spare, click on the link, and take a look at this and see if it is something that you think would help you.

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