Pest Control Marketing Tip – How To Handle Objections!

I was having a conversation with some fellow small business owners awhile back and we got on the topic of selling.

This guy asked me what I thought was the best way to overcome objections.

Now, this is an important subject because, after all, the less people object, the more they buy…right?

I said, “I think the best way to handle an objection is to not get the objection in the first place.”

He laughed…but I was dead serious.

I pointed out a study done a few years ago by two psychologists, Harold Gerard and Morton Deutsch. They PROVED that a person is TEN TIMES harder to convince to change his/her mind once they have openly and physically stated a belief or position.  It is, therefore, very important to address an objection BEFORE it is stated rather than afterwards. Once a person actually states the objection, you have lost a lot of leverage.

Make sense?

Here’s an example: If I state my price as $57.00 and the prospect says to me, “It think $57.00 is too much. I can’t afford it“… that person is going to be hard to convince otherwise.  I now have to persuade them to change their mind and their position.  In order for that to happen, they will have to admit they were wrong and that is a hard thing for most people to do.


It would be better if I said to them first, “Now some people might be inclined, at first, to think $57.00 is too much and they can’t afford it.  But they would be mistaken, and here’s why…..…”

I then proceed to explain why $57.00 is not too much money for what they are getting and how they actually can afford it.   I proceed to create the value and justify the cost in their mind before they come out with the objection.

Now I have handled the objection BEFORE they came out with it, and I have a much greater chance of them not physically stating it at all.

Victor Antonio explains this in his book Response Block Selling.

If you will keep this strategy in mind and make it a practice when delivering proposals and presentations, it will definitely increase your closing percentages.

And that…will definitely get you more new customers!

Thanks for reading this letter, and I hope you have a great day,


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