Pest Control Marketing Tip – Get Your Foot In The Door First!

Here’s a  Pest Control Marketing Strategy you can bank on.

In his book, The Science of Influence, Kevin Hogan states, “You can’t persuade someone if you can’t get in front of them to communicate your message.”

And selling is certainly all about persuasion.

The foot in the door technique is a simple concept. The idea is to get your client/customer to say “YES” to a simple and small request immediately before you ask for a big “YES”.

Remember the Fuller Brush Man? If you’re too young to remember those days, just follow the story anyway.  You’ll understand it.

The typical Fuller Brush Man went door to door selling all kinds of brushes and cleaning products for the kitchen and household.

When he knocked on the door and the lady of the house answered, he would smile and offer her a FREE Brush.  And it was a nice brush too!

Upon accepting the brush (first YES) she would feel very appreciative…and obligated…so she would allow him (second YES) to show her everything else he had in his suitcase.  And more often than not, this lead to a sale (third and BIGGER YES).

The foot in the door technique has been around for thousands of years…since the beginning of sales. It is a highly effective way to get in front of people you want to sell your products and services to.

Interesting note:  research shows that the foot in the door technique does not work if money is used as the incentive.

So…how can YOU use the foot in the door technique to increase YOUR sales?

Think about it.

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