Pest Control Marketing – The world’s number one pest control marketing podcast!

The Pest Control Marketing Podcast is the number one pest control marketing podcast in the world. Search for it on Google and you will find it at the top. Or…simply click on the link below and start listening right now!

I hear from PCOs and WCOs almost daily who tell me that they are using The Pest Control Marketing Podcast almost exclusively as their number one go-to source of information to help them grow their businesses.

Over 50 episodes so far and adding a new one each week, the Pest Control Marketing podcast will show you exactly how to do the following:

  • Get more new customers online
  • Get more new customer offline
  • Hire the right employees
  • Use your telephone to make more sales
  • Generate more customer referrals
  • Avoid slumps and slowdowns
  • Get more new customers from your vehicles
  • Create excitement for your company
  • Get more new customers from your ads
  • Get more new customers from your cold calling efforts
  • Magnetize your business
  • Become a master networker
  • Create a LOUD BUZZ in your community

If you aren’t a subscriber you should click on the link below and check it out.  It is blunt, straight-forward, honest, bold and gutsy strategies, tips, techniques…and downright sneaky killer ideas you can go right out and start using today to set your business on fire!

And the best part is…IT IS FREE!!!

I hope you will visit the site and check it out of you are not already doing so. You will see that everything I am telling you is the truth.

Internet marketing pioneer and guru Mike Stewart is my co-host and he will tell you exactly how to reach more new customers, generate more sales and make more $$ from the internet!

We’d love to hear YOUR feedback so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

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