Pest Control Marketing – The Times, They Are’A Changin

For years I’ve spoken to folks about the importance of being able to change and adapt your life, ideas and actions to fit the circumstances.

The vast majority of us Homo sapiens hate the word ‘change’. Once we get comfy and cozy, we just don’t want anyone coming along and messing with us. No sir.  We like things just fine the way they are…even if we really don’t!

The problem is that nothing is permanent and comfort doesn’t last for long.  If you don’t eventually go find more wood, the fire will go out and you won’t have anything left to burn and you will get cold!

If you can’t find more wood, you might want to think about switching over to gas or electric heat…or maybe solar.  But if you just sit there and complain about how cold it is and wait for someone to come along and stoke the fire and re-fill the kindling box…it most likely ain’t gonna happen and you are going to eventually freeze to death.

For the past several years I’ve watched businesses collapse and go under and people getting laid off and coming face to face with financial oblivion.  And the one common statement I hear more than anything else is, “If something doesn’t change soon, I am going to have to throw in the towel.”

My response to that statement is this: “Wake up and understand:  You can’t just sit around and wait for change to happen.  YOU have to change yourself. YOU have to create the change in your life and in your work.  YOU have to make things happen, or they won’t. Don’t you see?”

This is the most difficult challenge people face in their lives…changing habits and beliefs.  Whether it’s in your business, your work, your marriage or a relationship with someone else….if you can’t change, you can’t survive.  Life is about change.  Always.

Bob Dylan said it best in the song entitled, “The Times, They Are’ A Changin”.

They always have been and they always will be.

And that’s the only thing we really can’t change.

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