Pest Control Marketing – The BIG Networking Secret My Dad Taught Me!

When I was in college (a very long time ago) I worked every summer at The Atlanta Country Club.  I was a member of the greens keeping crew. I spent all summer mowing grass, raking sand traps, laying sod, picking up trash, digging up waterlines, changing sprinkler heads, and whatever else the head greens keeper told me to do.

It was hot, physically demanding work.  But it was also FUN.  I got to watch a lot of celebrities play golf.

One particular day, I happened to notice the president of our local bank, Mr. Aubrey Greenway, playing golf with three other guys.  That night, at home at the dinner table, I mentioned to my dad that I had spotted Mr. Greenway playing golf.

My dad asked, “Did you speak to him?”

I said, “Oh no.” 

Dad immediately quipped, “Why not?

I said, “Oh, he wouldn’t have known who I was.”

To which my dad replied, “Well, if you’d spoken to him and introduced yourself, from then on he’d have known who you were.”

Dad said,   “You should have just walked over and said, “Hello Mr. Greenway (and extend your hand to shake his). My name is Hal Coleman. My dad is Harold Coleman.  We’ve been banking with you for many years.  I just wanted to say hello and I hope you have a great day golfing sir.”

I said, “Really?”

Dad said, “Yes.  Always make it a point to introduce yourself to people…especially people of influence.  They will always remember you and you never know when that will come in really handy.

For an 18 year old kid, that seemed sort of silly to me.

But…as an adult who has spent the past 30 years small business networking in my community…it ranks right up there with some of the absolute best advice anyone has ever given me.

Hands down, networking in your community is THE best way to grow your small business and increase your sales…no matter what business you are in.

You see…it’s not so important how many people you know.  The really important thing is…how many people know YOU!

Bottom line:  If you will go out of your way to introduce yourself to as many people as you can…especially people of influence in your community…your business will grow faster and you will be more successful!

And thanks for the great tip, Dad.

Now…you get out there and meet somebody new today…and thanks for reading this article,


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