Pest Control Marketing Strategy That Works – Use CONTRAST To Sell More…

Here’s another  pest control marketing tip that will help you.

The human brain consists of three parts based on
how it has evolved over time.

1. The old, primitive brain…sometimes referred to
as “the reptilian brain”. (instinct)

2. The middle brain (emotion)

3. The new brain (logic & reason)

I’ve written a lot about the old, primitive brain
(subconscious) and how it is the true decision maker
when it comes to buying.  Simply put, it gives the green
light or the red light based on information it processes
from the middle brain and the new brain (conscious mind).

There are only six stimuli that speak to the old brain,
and one of those is CONTRAST.

Examples of contrast that would be easily interpreted
by the old brain include…

• Long vs. Short

• Strong vs. Weak

• Light vs. Dark

• Hot vs. Cold

When selling your product or service, it is
important that you create contrast.

• OURS(Right)vs.THEIRS(Wrong)

• With us you get THIS(Good). With them you
get THAT (Bad).

• OUR(High)Quality vs. THEIR(Low)Quality

• GOOD(Us)Choice vs. BAD(Them)Choice

• TOO EXPENSIVE(Low Value) Them vs. AFFORDABLE(High Value)Us

Do you see how this works?

I hope so, because if you do, you can use this information
to increase your closing rates and boost your sales.

Bottom line:  Always compare your product/service to
your competitors and clearly show the distinct advantage
of doing business with YOU instead of THEM.  If you will
do that…if you will create a clear and unmistakable
CONTRAST…you will find more people saying YES and signing
on the dotted line!

I hope this is helpful.

And I hope YOU have a great day!


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