Pest Control Marketing Strategy – Make’em an offer they can’t refuse!

Pest Control Marketing that works!

Close your eyes and imagine this scenario.  (Never mind. Don’t close your eyes.  If you do that, you won’t be able to read the scenario!)

It’s the night of the super bowl.  A dozen guys have gathered at Fred’s apartment to watch the big game.  They do this every year. They are all fanatical, rabid football fans. Fred has a $500.00 bet placed on his favorite team.   It is halftime and the score is tied. The scene is tense and dramatic!

Outside, the weather is brutal. It is 5 degrees below zero with blizzard conditions.

The telephone rings and it’s Fred’s girlfriend.  He listens to her intently for a moment and then his eyes widen and he displays a wry smile.

 He says, “I’ll be right over” and hangs up the phone.

 Then he turns to his buddies, gives them a wink, and says, “Sorry guys, I gotta go.”

He puts on his coat, hat, scarf and gloves, gets into his car, leaves the biggest and most exciting football event of the entire year…and his annual party with is pals… and drives 27 miles in a blizzard to go be with his girlfriend.

Now…I ask you this…why in the world would Fred do such a thing?

The answer is simple:  Fred’s girlfriend made him an offer he couldn’t refuse! 

Yes. And she put a deadline on it.  She made it so compelling and seductive and irresistible that, at that particular moment, nothing else mattered.  Fred absolutely could not say NO. He had to act NOW in order to take advantage of her INCREDIBLE OFFER!

So now…let me ask YOU this question:  What kind of offer or deal have you promised to the prospects and potential customers in YOUR community to compel and seduce them to PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL YOU RIGHT NOW?  

Think about it.

And thanks for reading this letter!


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