Pest Control Marketing Strategies That Work

I just read an astounding statistic. It said that 91 percent of sales people have never even read one book on selling.


But, I’m really not so surprised. I deal with sales people every day…in one way or another…just like YOU do.  We either encounter them in person or we see them on TV ads.

It’s amazing to me how little most sales people really do know about the true science of selling. Most of them are simply acting on instincts…plus some tribal knowledge passed along to them by other members of their organization.

Many people who call themselves a salesperson are actually only glorified closers. They are given leads and all they have to do is go out and close the deal. Many times that can be done with a simple phone call.

True sales people are much more than closers. They are hunters, prospectors, nurturers, etc . They are relentless in their pursuit of leads. They are diligent with their follow-up. They never give up.

True sales people know how to create their own leads. They aren’t afraid to make cold calls. They can walk into a group of people and come out the other side with a new customer.

If YOU are in sales, I hope you are reading books on selling. I hope you attend workshops, watch videos, spend time with mentors and have a powerful, dynamic, compelling, seductive, hypnotic and irresistible sales presentation that you are constantly refining and polishing. If you DO…you are ahead of 91 percent of your competition. If you DON’T…you are losing a lot of sales and a lot of money.

Food for thought.

To YOUR Success Always,


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