Pest Control Marketing – Size definitely matters…so says Hal Coleman!

Pest control marketing is much easier when you understand that size really does matter.

You want proof?  OK…here it is.

Which is easiest to read…

small fine print



There…I just proved it.

When it comes to sending your marketing message out to your community…especially in the form of signage on your storefront and your vehicles…size definitely matters.

How many times have you seen a vehicle pass by and you couldn’t read what it said because the print was simply too small?

Or how many times have you passed by a business and tried to read what was on a sign and couldn’t because the print was too small?

The next time there is a local election in your city or town, notice how many yard signs you see that have print that is too small to read from the road.

FACT:  In most cases, we don’t even try to read small print on signs.  Our subconscious mind immediately skips the small print and switches off to something else when it sees that there is going to be a problem.

Reading a sign from a passing vehicle presents a problem simply due to the fact that you are moving.  Add print that is too small and you have seriously compounded the problem of delivering your intended message to your viewers.   To put it bluntly…you just wasted a lot of money on a sign that people can’t read.

And the same thing holds true for wrapped vehicles and signs where the text is all mingled together with busy graphics to the point that it takes a second look to try to sort it out.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t like to give second looks.  It is too lazy to do that.  So the message simply goes unread.

So…if you are thinking of getting a new sign for your storefront or your company vehicle…make sure you can read it…and I mean every word of it…from a long way off.  Check it out.  Stand far away and take a look at it.

If you can’t easily read it, it needs to be BIGGER!

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you have a great day!


PS. Knowing what to say and how to say it on a sign will definitely increase the amount of response you get from it, and that means more new customers from your sign!

You can send me your sign idea and/or proof copy, or your vehicle design idea, and we can go over it together to get it right BEFORE you buy the sign and not afterwards when you’ve already spent a lot of money and it’s too late for me to help you.

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