Pest Control Marketing Podcast Video Episode #1 – Use mirroring and matching to increase sales

The Pest Control Marketing Podcast has gone VIDEO!

Yes…Hal & Mike are now onscreen with the podcast and the feedback has been awesome.

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In this first video episode Hal & Mike discuss a technique often referred to as ‘Mirroring & Matching”. Simply put, it plays on a tendency of the subconscious mind that causes us to be initially attracted to those people we perceive to be like us. And likewise, we are initially leery of those people we perceive to be different from us.

This is an innate trait and is the basis for racism, bigotry and prejudice in our society. We strive to overcome it but it is always there to some degree.

Knowing this about ourselves gives us the opportunity to use mirroring & matching to increase our sales and get more new customers by knowing how to better connect with people and make them feel attracted to us.

Click on the link and watch this video episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast and Hal & Mike will share some valuable tips and strategies for using this powerful technique!

As always, I hope you find this information helpful.

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