Pest Control Marketing – Of the things we think, say and do!

Dear Pest Control Operator,

I’m a Rotarian.  I have been a member of The Rotary Club of Roswell for 14 years.

I also speak at lots of other Rotary Clubs.  I think I was the guest speaker at 24 Rotary Clubs last year.

In Rotary, we have something called the 4-Way Test. Each week, at the end of the meeting, we all stand and recite the 4-Way Test.

It goes like this: 

Of the things we think, say and do…

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

The 4-Way Test was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932 as a code of ethics for a struggling business he was attempting to save.  It became the company’s guide for all sales, production and advertising, and all other relations with dealers and customers.  The survival of the company is credited to this simple philosophy and code of ethics.

Even if you aren’t a Rotarian, the 4-Way Test is a great statement of how we should not only run our businesses, but a great guideline for living our personal lives and how we relate to others.

I think about the 4-Way Test each week when I recite it.  I take it to heart.  I have literally walked away from business deals and relationships with others because they did not fit the 4-Way Test.

I can think of no better way to grow a business and achieve success, wealth and happiness than to live by the 4-Way Test.

And that’s my thought for the day,


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