Pest Control Marketing – Making YOUR Customers Feel The Love!

There is a local coffee/breakfast shop that I frequent quite often because the manager and staff are very friendly and they dote on me.  I’m not crazy about the food but I have formed a great relationship with the people who work there. It feels like family.

Several days ago I met a friend for coffee and a business chat.  He suggested another coffee house.

I said, “Hey, if you’re buying we’ll go anywhere you want.”

Actually I’d been to the other coffee shop before.  Great coffee…but zero customer service.  And I’m not that picky about coffee anyway. I never had a cup I didn’t like unless it was scorched. (I used to be a Civil War reenactor, so I can pull a handful of coffee beans out of my coat pocket, place them on a flat rock, grind them with a rifle butt, scoop them into a tin cup, boil them over an open fire and be just as happy as I can with a $5.00 pumpkin spice latte.)

So it’s not just about the coffee.  It’s more of a choice of when and where I spend my money.

And I won’t be spending another penny of it at the other coffee house.

The people there don’t even speak to you other than to ask you want you want and tell you how much it costs when they hand it to you.

  • They don’t smile.
  • They don’t welcome you when you enter.
  • They don’t thank you when you leave.
  • The certainly don’t tell you how much they appreciate your business.
  • They don’t offer FREE refills (Yes, they nickel & dime you for a dollar!).
  • They don’t remove items from your table.
  • As a matter of fact, they can be downright rude if you do ask them anything.

And…you guessed it…they don’t have very many customers!

I made a vow that morning never to return to that little coffee house and never to suggest it to anyone else.  As a matter of fact, I’ll discourage people from going there.

My friend and I talked about how…with just a little bit of tweaking on the customer service end…they could have lots more customers. I’m not sure how many…but at least they would have me and some of my networking friends.

Other than the people who work there, it is a great atmosphere.

I mean…you gotta drink coffee somewhere, right? We just want to feel loved and appreciated.

What about YOU?

Do you go out of your way to make sure each and every one of your customers feels loved and appreciated?

I mean…they’ve got to buy pest control somewhere, right?

I DO appreciate you taking the time to read this letter…and I hope you have a great day,


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