Pest Control Marketing – Magic formula for selling anything

Pest Control Marketing Tip #113

You weren’t born knowing how to sell. None of us were. Yes, you might have good instincts…and that certainly helps… but you have to learn how to be a good at selling.

And there are lots of techniques for presenting products and services to prospects. Some good and some bad.

But, there are some basic rules that…if you follow them and don’t get side-tracked…they will help you make more sales and close more deals.

The problem with most sales people is that they give prospects a lot of impertinent information that only serves to confuse…and bore them.  When this happens, you are going to lose the sale 98 percent of the time.

FACT:  Sticking to a simple, PROVEN selling formula will keep your sales up and help you put bigger deposits in the bank.

Watch the short video below and I’ll give you a simple…PROVEN…sales formula that you can rely on to help you improve your success…I guarantee it!

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