Pest Control Marketing – Just look at YOU!

I’m sure I will offend some people with what I’m about to say.  And it mostly applies to smaller businesses.    

So… if you are one of those people…you’ll just have to deal with it.

Tests have shown and PROVEN time and time again that looks are extremely important when it comes to selling.

I know that if I ever have to go up against George Clooney or Brad Pitt to make a sale, I am in trouble…and I mean deep trouble!

But in this article, I’m not referring to physical attributes.  None of us have any control over those.  Here I’m specifically referring to your appearance. 

How you dress and how you groom yourself both have a major impact on how you are viewed and perceived by your prospects.

 A while back I did a training workshop for pest control technicians.  There were representatives there from eight or ten different pest control companies.   Some were managers but most were techs.

I was shocked at how some of those techs looked. 

Some of them were…

·         Unshaven

·         Wearing faded jeans with holes in them

·         Wearing dirty nasty coats and hats

·         Shirt tails hanging out

·         Wearing hats & caps with commercial logos totally unrelated the company they worked for

·         Wearing articles of camouflaged clothing

·         Adorned with outrageous tattoos & body piercings

·         Wreaking of cigarette smoke

·         Obviously dipping a huge wad of smokeless tobacco

·         Scowling and unfriendly

And, the amazing thing is…they came in off their work routes to attend the workshop!

The above fashion statements are interpreted by most of the mainstream general public as…

·         Sloppy

·         Unprofessional

·         Untrustworthy

·         Uncaring

·         Unhealthy

·         Risky

·         Even dangerous

Example:  The scruffy, unshaven “Duck Dynasty” look may be fashionable on TV, but baby boomers (the people with all the money!) are much more conservative and are more likely to consider it sloppy and unprofessional, especially when someone shows up at their front door looking like that.

So YOU need to decide who you want to appeal to.

Is it your social peer group?

Or is it those individuals who have lots of money and may want to purchase the product/service you are selling?

If it’s the former, then go for it. Hey, it’s your choice.

But…if it’s the latter…you need to take a close look at them and then take a good look in the mirror.

Do you see a similarity…or a big difference?

The Law of Conformity states that we are automatically trusting of people who we perceive as being like us and we are automatically skeptical of people we perceive as being different from us. It’s just the way our brains are wired. 

Bottom line:  Clean & neat trumps dirty & sloppy every time. Like it or not, we are judged by the way we look.  First impressions are infinitely important… especially when it comes to selling.  

(I know you are probably thinking of someone right now that this applies to. So am I.)

Thanks for reading this,


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