Pest Control Marketing Ideas – The time to recruit is NOW!

Pest Control Marketing Idea #36 – Recruiting NOW will save you a lot of heartache, frustration and lost revenues later!

If you are a small business owner you know that you’re company is only as good as it’s employees. And that is why you need to be very serious about who you hire.  Hiring the wrong individual can wreck your business before you can say, “You’re Fired!”.

And you don’t often just stumble upon good employees. You have to go out and find them and cultivate them…even before you are actually ready to hire them

Think of your business as a baseball team.  They constantly recruit all year long.  And, if a key player goes down, his replacement is sitting on the bench ready to come into the game.  Every player’s replacement is only one phone call away at all times…and that includes the manager.

Watch this short video and think about your recruiting plan…or lack of one.  It could end up saving you a lot of grief in the future!

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