Pest Control Marketing – How To Grow Your Business FASTER!

Pest control marketing and advertising are done for one reason…and that is…to get and keep customers. Marketing is the #1 most important activity for any business owner. If you don’t market your business successfully you end up with no customers…or at least not enough customers to support you and your business.

And NO ONE is able to market your business better than YOU. After all, YOU are the business and the business is YOU. You are the NAME and FACE of the business. Or at least you should be.

Successful marketing is not any one big thing…it is a thousand little ones. And each one of those little things needs to be done CORRECTLY if they are to be effective.

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Over the past 43 years in the pest control industry, including owning and operating my own successful pest control business for 18 years, I have discovered and learned lots and lots of those little things. And I have learned how to do them correctly. It didn’t learn it over night. I have spent many years studying neuroscience, sales psychology, hypnosis, buyer behavior and direct response marketing, i.e. what makes people buy and how to sell to them. I also test, test and re-test.  And now I pass this information along to my coaching clients and associates.  It is not only something I am highly passionate about, but I believe it is my true calling in life…to help other small business owners be more successful and show them how to grow their businesses much FASTER and make a LOT MORE MONEY!

FACT:  The biggest problem small business owners face is implementing and adapting to CHANGE. Human beings absolutely hate change.  But, in order to change your business, you have to change the way you do things. And you have to know exactly what changes to make and how to make them.

And that’s where I come into play. I coach small business owners…mostly PCOs and WCOs on how to grow their businesses and increase their sales.  I walk them…hand-in-hand…through the process…for a year. And, at the end of that year, they are highly skilled at marketing their businesses. They have learned things that they would have never been able to learn on their own.  And I hold them accountable and see that they implement what I teach them. And I watch their businesses GROW!

My coaching students grow their business, on average, from 25% – 65% annually…some as high as 100%…per year! (Some don’t do as well as others, just like golf, wrestling, baseball or hockey…some are simply more skilled, talented and/or committed than others). But, I work with each at his/her own pace and move them forward as fast as they are capable.

It is remarkable and highly rewarding to see a bug guy or bug girl make the leap into business man or business woman. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than helping make someone’s dreams come true and build that lifestyle they see in their mind’s eye. The lifestyle they truly want and deserve!

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