Pest Control Marketing – How To Do A FREE POSTAGE Direct Mail Campaign!

Dear PCO,

Here’s a simple tip that will save you money and increase your sales…GUARANTEED.

Do you send out snail mail?

Most businesses still do.  They send out invoices, billing statements, service  reminders, etc.

If you do send out mail, I’m going to tell you how you can do a direct mail sales campaign and it won’t cost you one extra penny of postage.

Here’s how it works: You should always make sure that each and every envelope you send out includes some type of sales information. There should be something in each envelope that makes the person who opens it aware of some sale, offer, deal or new product that you are making available to them.

Never let an envelope go out the door without making sure you are taking advantage of the full amount of weight that the stamp will allow.  You’ve already paid for the extra space, so why not use it?

I worked with a company awhile back and suggested they start doing this and a couple of weeks later the owner called me and said, “Hey Hal, I just wanted to let you know…it works!

I said, “What works?”

And he said, “I put a flyer in each billing envelop offering to go out and inspect the attic to make sure they had an adequate amount of insulation.  We just sent those bills out a couple of days ago and this morning I got a call from someone who wanted me to come check their insulation.  I sold them a $2600.00 insulation job!”

Well, there it is.  It didn’t cost him one penny of extra postage to put that insulation flyer in the hands of that customer…who, as it turns out, didn’t even know the company did insulation work.

Bottom line:  The postage is already paid on the envelope.  So…take advantage of it. Stuff it and promote something.  It will pay off…I guarantee it.

Thanks for reading this letter and I hope you have a great day!


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