Pest Control Marketing – Here’s an important question for YOU!

Pest control marketing can be as easy as asking a simple question.

Here’s an effective strategy/technique you can use to instantly connect with people you meet.

FACT:  In order for us to build a relationship with someone, we first need to know a little about them and they us…right?   If you own a business, you especially want people to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO.

But it would seem rather odd and presumptive of you to meet someone and immediately proceed to tell them all about yourself and your business.

With one exception:  It is perfectly fine to tell someone what you do…if they ask you.

So…the more people who ask you what you do…the better.


And how do you get them to do that?

It’s simple.  You get them to do it by asking them what THEY DO.

When you meet someone, just say, “So tell me…what do you do?”

And they will be happy to tell you.  (It’s their story…and we all want to tell our stories.)

And as soon as they finish telling you about themselves and what they do…the overwhelming majority of them will then ask, “What do YOU do?”

And then you can tell them…and you will both have benefited from the conversation.

Leading questions like, “So…do you think it’s going to rain today”, or “So…what do you think of this heat wave?” are pretty much going to get you “TUNED OUT” in a hurry.  No one is looking to engage in boring conversation, especially at a business event or social mixer.

Bottom line:  When it comes to business, we all LOVE to talk about ourselves!

So ask.

Food for thought.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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