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Pest control marketing ideas, tips, strategies and techniques are much more effective if you REALLY know what you’re doing. The problem is…most (the vast majority) of PCOs and WCOs only know so much about marketing, advertising, getting new customers and growing their businesses. Many spend small fortunes on websites, ads, brochures, flyers, direct mail, signs, TV, radio, vehicle design, business cards, etc. and get very little return on their investment. And in many cases, they get NONE!

Most small business owners simply look around and see what their competition is doing and they try to copy it is some shape or form. And they are successful…to some degree.

But…there is much more that could be done successfully if only the person had the RIGHT knowledge.

Knowing and understanding  the TRUE reasons WHY people BUY is a powerful tool that can transform your selling into a psychological force to be reckoned with. It can allow you to absolutely blow your competition out of the water is ways that they never imagined or understand.

But, you’re not born with that knowledge…nor will you learn it in college marketing courses. And you most certainly won’t learn it from your competition.

You can find it in books, audio CDs, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc.  However, you must make absolute certain that the person you are learning from actually knows and is providing you with truthful, accurate and correct information.

But, the BEST way you can learn how to grow your business is to find and hire a great coach who can teach you and hold you accountable.  Someone who has not only the credentials…but a long list of happy clients/students who can attest to the effectiveness of the program.

Just as in sports, a great coach is indispensable. A great coach will take you to higher levels of performance that you could ever achieve on your own. And a great coach will hold you accountable to do the things you should do and keep you on track and moving toward your ultimate goal!

Just as in sports, if you want to break through and achieve your personal best IN BUSINESS…you need to consider finding and hiring a great coach to help get you there.

A great coach will be the best investment you will ever make in your business!

And that is a FACT.

To YOUR Success Always,

Hal Coleman

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