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There are a lot of pest control marketing companies out there (here) on the internet. I see them and some of them I explore. And I can tell you this for a FACT.  Most of what you see is a load of crap coming from people who have never even been in the pest control business, much less owned and operated their own.

It’s the same cookie-cutter marketing that you hear from marketing professors when you get your college degree. The vast majority of them have never sold anything in their lives, other than convincing someone to hire them as a professor.

I’m venting here as you can tell. But, I had an employee once who was working on his masters degree in marketing at a popular local university.  And when he and I would discuss what they were teaching him, I just couldn’t believe it. Clueless!

As for me, I’ve been in the pest control industry for 45 years, including owning and operating my own pest control business, which I grew from a one-man-with-a-spray can operation into a successful million dollar business.  I’ve been there/done that.

And for the past 10 years I have worked with pest control businesses all over the United States, as well as Australia and The U.K. My coaching clients grow their businesses on average between 25% – 45% a year…with some much higher. So when I tell you something will work for you, it is because I have seen it work for everyone else…and I know it will work for YOU too.

OK. Vent over.  Here’s what I have for you to help you today. You need to go visit

There are dozens of episodes specifically designed to help PCOs and WCOs get new customers and grow their businesses. It is all meat & potatoes. No fluff. No weird theories. Just ABC simple strategies, tips and techniques that YOU can apply to YOUR business. And it’s all FREE!

So go check it out. Subscribe so you never miss an episode. You can thank me later!

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