Pest Control Marketing – Emotional Selling Works!

FACT:  Actions are driven by emotions. And, the more emotional people become, the easier it is to influence their behavior.

When it comes to selling your product or service, you need to understand which particular emotion… or emotions… your prospect might associate with it.

Example:  Let’s say you are selling a mosquito control program. Pain would be an emotional response someone might associate with mosquitos.  Others might be hatred, anger or annoyance.

So, you might begin your presentation something like this:  “Bob, I know you hate being bitten by mosquitos when you sit outside by your pool. Anyone would find that extremely annoying.”

Or…”Bob, if you’re like me, you resent the fact that you can’t sit out on your patio without a bunch of blood-sucking mosquitos trying to eat you alive (pain)….

What you are attempting to do here is simply get Bob to agree with you and say, “YES…I am resentful” or “YES…I do hate mosquitos”, or “YES…mosquitos do cause me pain.” “YES…I am like YOU”

What you have done by linking these emotions to the mosquitos is…you have enabled Bob to say YES to you and align himself with YOUR way of thinking!

And, now that he has said YES to you…and he agrees with your thinking…he will be much more receptive to your ideas and selling him a mosquito control program just became a whole lot easier.

Make sense?

I hope so.

Bottom line:  If there is NO EMOTION…there is NO SALE!

And, no matter what business you are in, you can use this example by simply asking yourself, “How can I apply this to MY business?”

So…go do it!

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