Pest Control Marketing That Doesn’t Confuse Your Customers!

Here’s a great tip that will increase your sales:  If you want to maximize your sales and closing percentages, there is one thing you want to avoid…and that is… confusing the subconscious mind of the prospect.


Because a confused mind almost always says NO.  A confused buyer seldom buys.

Did you know? 88% of buying decisions originate in the subconscious mind!

FACT:  If you don’t understand how to market to the subconscious mind of the prospect, you will leave a ton of business on the table.

Here is a simple 3 Step Formula you can use that will help you make more sales and close more deals.

You must tell the prospect, in the simplest language, the following 3 things.

  1. Here’s what I’ve got.
  2. Here’s what it’ll do for you.
  3. Here’s how you get it.

Always make sure your marketing, advertising, and sales presentations (especially your website) focus on these 3 things and you will see your sales and your closing percentages increase.

ANOTHER FACT:  Most websites, ads, brochures, flyers, billboards, vehicles, signs…and even business cards…are confusing, at least to some degree.  They leave too many unanswered questions, which leads to a confused mind.

The logical response is, “Well surely they know what I do and what I’m selling and how to get it. Give them some credit for being able to figure it out.”

The problem with this thinking is thisPeople don’t act or react logically. This has been proven through research and testing time and time again.

I hate to tell you this, but your prospects really aren’t that interested in the biology of termites and cockroaches. They’re only interested in getting rid of them and protecting their homes and families.

Many times over the years I have seen termite and pest control sales people (me being one of them) bore a prospect to death with all the latest technical jargon, terminology, technology and statistics,  and graphics…when all the prospect really wants to know is…what you have and how it will help them. (They only want to know what time it is. They do NOT want to know how to build a clock!)

Not that people aren’t interested in learning about things, especially when they are about to spend a lot of money on something.  But they need to see the direct benefit in such a way that it clearly resonates with them and they understand how it will solve their problem or heal their pain.

So…make it easy for them.  Tell’em what you’ve got, what it will do for’em, and how they can get it.

If you will do that, more of them will buy from YOU!

Food for thought.

Have a great day,


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