Pest Control Marketing – Do YOU Have A Winning Combination?

If you have a website (and God help you stay in business if you don’t) you need to be concerned about two BIG things.

       1.   Having a website that is easily found on the internet.

       2.   Having a website that is worth finding on the internet.

What this means…in the vast majority of cases is…you need two different people working together on your website!

You need someone who is a great “Google Manipulator” (SEO) and someone else who is a great “Word Manipulator” (Writer).

The biggest problem with most websites I see is that they are designed by web designers who know absolutely nothing about copywriting and content creation.  They design websites that are painfully out of sync with the pre-programmed nature of the human brain.  They unknowingly use combinations of pictures and words that are in direct conflict with each other, thus creating confusion and disorientation for the reader.  This almost without fail results in NO SALE! (And some of the worst ones are larger companies who use in-house web designers instead of direct response copywriters to produce their content!)

Lately I’ve been doing lots of website reviews for new clients and what I’ve been able to show them about their websites has absolutely amazed them…and in some cases even shocked them!

When they tell me that they get very little business from their websites, I am able to show them specific reasons why and I give them a list of specific ways they can make the websites much more effective at converting viewers into new cash-paying customers.

There are really two main types of websites:

  1. Pretty website
  2. Websites that make money.

And the two are very seldom the same.

Which type do YOU have?

If you’d like to have me take a look at YOUR website, just give me a call at 770-993-0004 or email me at and let’s see if there are any problems there that are hurting your business. I’d be willing to bet there are!

Till then, I hope you have a great day.  And thank you for reading this article.


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