Pest Control Marketing – Continuing saga of The Tree Cutter!

Last week I told you the story of the tree company I had contacted to remove several trees that were leaning toward my house. 

They arrived on time to give me the estimate, but made an obvious sales blunder with their presentation which ultimately cost them $120.00.  (I’m not complaining…yet.)

I called them several days later and gave them the go-ahead on the job and here’s what happened next:

  • They never called me back to schedule.
  • I finally called them and the guy told me to fax my estimate to his office and his secretary would call me back within an hour to schedule.   I did…and she didn’t.
  • Finally…after four days of waiting…called them back and left a message that I wanted to have the job done on a Thursday am.    I never heard back.
  • After several days, I called again and left a message.  I received a message on my voice mail later that day that the job was scheduled to be done the following Monday.  
  • I called back and rescheduled for the following Thursday, first thing in the morning.  She assured me they would be there first thing.  She made a note for it to be the very first job that day.
  • Thursday 9:30am, no sight of them yet.  I called.  No answer. I left a message that I was waiting.
  • 11:45am, still no sight or word from them.  I called back. No one there.  I left a message to cancel the job. 
  • I still have not heard from them.  Go figure.

I have dealt with some pretty frustrating companies in my days, but this one was about as bad as I’ve ever seen. 

How do they stay in business?

What is going on with them?

I am a well-connected person in my community and they knew that.  As a matter of fact, they were very familiar with my radio and television shows and told me they had been big fans of mine for years.   They were very pleasant and likeable fellows.

But now they have totally disappointed, frustrated and alienated me.  And let me be more frank…they really pissed me off.

They basically cost me a whole day out of my life.  The time I spent with them getting the estimate was ultimately wasted, and I waited here another half day and they never showed up.

Bottom line:  Do you think I will eve r recommend them to anyone else?

Do you think I will eve r say anything good about them to anyone else?

Do you think it will ultimately cost them a ton of business over the years by being so unprofessional?

Of course, you know the answer …and it is very sad.


The number one most effective marketing tool of all time is great customer service.  Apparently no one has ever told them that…or they just didn’t listen.  Or maybe they just don’t care.

Oh, and I found another company that was great, and the trees are gone and I am happy.  They even beat the other guy’s price by 50 bucks too!

And all because they were totally committed to MAKING ME HAPPY.

I hope YOU feel the same way about your customers.

Now…go out there and get some more of’em!


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