Pest Control Marketing – Are YOU Drifting?

Here’s a question for you to ponder.  Have you chartered a specific course for your life or are you just drifting along?

Drifting is a devastating trap that carries with it major negative consequences.

The sad thing is…most people are drifting…at least to some extent.

Do you have a definite, major purpose and a concise, carefully thought out course to follow for your business or career, or do you simply have some vague idea of where you want to go and what you want to become?

I can relate to this in many ways in my own life.  I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.). Way back when I was a kid in school, A.D.D. stood for “Ain’t Done Diddley”.

It is difficult and takes lots of work and planning to chart your course for the future.  But without a plan and a chart, you are destined to live your life adrift.

This means you will never reach your desired destination because you don’t actually know where you’re going.  As a matter of fact, you will probably land on some unfriendly shore that you would rather not be on.

It’s terribly sad to talk to someone who has reached retirement age and find that they are only able to focus on the past.  They feel cheated, neglected, by-passed, trodden over and, for the most part, dealt an unfair hand in the game of life.  They don’t spend much time dwelling on the future because they have not created one that is very pretty to look at. They have spent the better part of their life drifting.

So…let me ask YOU a few questions…and I hope you will answer them honestly.

  • Do YOU have a clear picture of what you want YOUR life and your business to look like 5 years from now?
  • 10 years from now?
  • What would have to happen to make that vision turn into a reality?
  • Do you have those things written down?
  • Do you review them each day?
  • What specific steps have you taken in the past 12 hours to move you closer to your vision?
  • The past 12 days?


  • Are you just drifting from day to day with no definite purpose and no specific, well-organized plan to reach your goal?

Drifting is devastating.  It is a trap that you must avoid at all costs.

Drifting is having a dream without a clear vision and a plan. It is sailing without a compass and a chart.

Coach John Wooden once said, “Both winners and losers are self-determined…but only the winners will admit it!”

If you don’t already have a plan, start today and make one.  Decide exactly what it is you want to do with the rest of your life, your business or your career…and then set about doing it.

Your future is in YOUR hands right now. It is up to YOU to shape it and mold it.


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