Pest Control Marketing – How to make your phone ring more often

Pest Control Marketing isn’t all about one big thing you can do to make your phone ring…UNLESS…you have a fortune to spend on advertising!

But, most of us don’t have fortunes to spend on paid ads and so we look for other less expensive ways to attract new customers.

Successful marketing involves lots and lots of little things. As a matter of fact…everything you do to attract and keep customers is considered marketing…including paid advertising.

Unless you have studied marketing you probably don’t know very much about it other than what you see other businesses doing and the different things you try yourself. Web designers, graphics experts, yellow page reps, ad agents, radio & tv reps….all have advice for you. The problem with most of them is…that are all doing the same thing. They follow conventional wisdom.

If you really want to explode your sales and business growth you need to abandon conventional wisdom (I call it “The Silent Killer” of businesses) and step out of the box and learn to be and original marketer. You MUST learn how to set yourself…and your business…apart from all of your competition in such as way that prospects see YOU as the right choice. You need to develop a powerful, dynamic, compelling, seductive, hypnotic and irresistible message that convinces people beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU are the one they want to do business with!

This is not something you are born knowing. You have to learn how to be such a marketer.

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