Pest Control Marketing – A tip you can take to the bank!

A Pest Control Marketing Tip You Can Take To The Bank!

Most PCO’s and WCO’s forget, ignore, or never make it a priorty to have an active YouTube video channel and that is a HUGE mistake when comes to getting your business found the internet. No one finds you, no one calls to buy service!

If you…

  • Don’t have an active YouTube channel… big mistake!
  • Don’t publish a new video CORRECTLY at least twice a month…big mistake!
  • Don’t embed those videos on your website …even bigger mistake!!
  • Don’t share your video pages in Facebook… well you get the picture!!

And there are other strategies that come from video content marketing and social media (media = video, social = customers finding and sharing)

Our most successful clients employ our system and they get new customers over and over again from having and using an active video marketing strategy that we teach.

So…why don’t most PCO’s do it?

We have heard all the reasons and excuses why and the truth is…they don’t matter. You either learn to do it yourself, or hire a pro to do it for you, or the worst option, do nothing at all, meaning you gain nothing, never knowing what you are losing by not having an online presence. from Hal Colman and Mike Stewart will create customized videos for you when you join our program.

We have an introductory special 4 videos the first month to get you started, plus a FREE YouTube channel setup and configuration if you hurry and act NOW while we’re offering this introductory promo. is how you start building your online lead generation for more new customers with video content marketing on YouTube.

Every day that goes by it is costing you customers and sales if you are not being found on YouTube!

Go there now and signup to get started today!

Feel free to call Hal at 770-993-0004 or Mike at 770-826-3662 if you have any questions or need any additional information!

To YOUR Success Always,

Hal and Mike

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