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Pest Control Marketing Tip #253

E = mc2

Can you explain that formula?

I didn’t think so. Neither can I. If we could, we wouldn’t be in the pest control business, that’s for sure.  We’d probably be teaching math and/or physics in some prestigious Ivy League university.

All I know is that it is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I know the E stands for Energy, m is mass, and c2 stands for the speed of light squared, which equals 34,596,000,000 miles per second! (Wow, that’s faster than a customer will cancel your contract for accidentally killing the family goldfish!)

I can tell you what the formula is but I can’t explain it. Not in a million years.

But, here’s a formula I can explain, and very easily: GCS=MNC

GCS stands for Great Customer Service.

MNC stands for More New Customers.

Unlike Einstein’s Theory, this one is a well-known FACT. It has been proven over and over again since man (or woman) first sold something to someone else and then tried to sell to them again.

Here’s another FACT: Satisfied customers don’t go out of their way to refer people.  Shocked customers do. Awed customers do. Amazed customers do.  Wowed customers do.

Example: If I stop at a fast food restaurant and pull up to the drive-in window and order a $3.39 hamburger, and I get a $3.39 hamburger, I’m satisfied. I got exactly what I paid for.  I don’t think twice about it. I drive away, eat the burger and that’s it.  I don’t tell anyone about my experience.  Why would I?  It’s meaningless.  It would be of no interest to them whatsoever. I was hungry and I ate a hamburger. End of story.

But…on the other hand…if I order a $3.39 hamburger and I get a thick, rich, juicy, hot, half pound hunk of grilled, ground 100% choice western beef, smothered with hot, melted aromatic old-country hoop cheddar cheese, nestled in a piping hot, fresh, lightly toasted sesame seed bun, with FRESH, juicy tomato, lettuce and onion, and a whole, FRESH crispy dill pickle on the side, and fries so hot I can hardly even touch ’em…now I am impressed.

Now I’m saying to myself, “Wow…this is AMAZING!”

And, if the person at the drive-in window smiles at me and tells me how much they appreciate me stopping by for lunch, and asks if there is anything else I need (and acts like they really mean it) and thanks me and tells me to please come back soon…well…you get the picture.

And, when I remove the food from the bag and find a coupon thanking me for my business and giving me $1.00 OFF my next order, just to show their appreciation……you can bet your sweet Einstein I’m coming back there to eat again.

And do you think I’ll be telling other people about that restaurant? Of course I will.  I can’t help it.  I’ll probably be taking some of them with me the next time I go.  And they will be impressed too…and so…they will start the cycle all over again…and the restaurant will have lots of customers!

When someone does something nice for us and treats us special and we perceive that they have gone above and beyond to give us more than what we paid for, we try to show our appreciation by giving them something back.

This is known as The Law of Reciprocity. It is extremely effective when it comes to selling things and getting new customers.

Bottom line:  If you want more referrals from you current customers, you MUST find a way to Shock & Awe them. You must find a way to AMAZE them. You find a way to give them a Wow moment.  You must find a way to put a big smile on their faces each and every time you have contact with them.

If you will do that, they will tell all of their friends and neighbors and associates about you.

And that means more new customers!

But…if you only give them what they paid for…they will tell no one.

Food for thought (No pun intended).

Thanks for reading this post. I hope it was helpful to you.

To YOUR Success Always,


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