Pest Control Advertising – The BIG Branding MYTH!

Every time I hear an advertising agent say to a small business person, “We’ll help you build your brand”, I just want to scream…and here’s why:

An advertising agent can NOT build a brand for you.  A website can NOT build a brand for you.  In fact no one else can build a brand for you.  Only YOU can build your brand.

Advertising agents can design a logo for you, but that is not your brand. It is simply your logo.

Your brand is what people say about you.  It is your REPUTATION.

Coca-Cola would not be a household word today if their soft drink tasted like crap.

Edsel had great ad agents…and a fortune in advertising $$…but the car didn’t sell and their brand became “LOSER”.

Bottom Line: All you have to do to build your brand is focus on producing and outstanding product or service that people want and supporting it with over-the-top “Shock & Awe” customer service.  You need to be absolutely committed to putting big smiles on the faces of each and every one of your customers…time and time again.

If you will do that, your brand will take care of itself.  And that is something you just can’t buy from an advertising agent.



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