Pest Control Advertising – Telemarketing Made Easy…(er).

Some of my clients use telemarketing as an effective strategy to get more new customers.

But, almost without exception, they are all making some serious mistakes (at least until I show them what’s happening).

One BIG MISTAKE is this:  When someone answers the phone, they introduce themselves and they start the conversation with trivial small talk…which is a total waste of the prospect’s time and will get you rejected and hung up on quicker than an incoherent teenage boy asking to speak with your 15 year old daughter!

When you make a telemarketing call, you are automatically an uninvited pest.  The key to success is to transform yourself into a welcome guest a quickly as possible.  And I do mean QUICKLY!

And you don’t do that by making comments on the weather or last night’s big football game.  You do it by getting to your VALUE PROPOSOTION immediately. You have to let the person on the other end of that telephone know, in no uncertain terms, the WIIFM (What’s In It For ME?). You have already disturbed them from whatever they were doing so you’d better make it worth the disturbance…and you’d better make it FAST.

Example of a BAD way to start the conversation:  “Hello, Mr. Johnson, my name is Bob with ACME Exterminating.  How are you today?  Well that’s good.  Are you enjoying this sunny weather we’re having?  Yes sir.  Me too.  How about those Braves?”  (Just so you know, by now I have already hung up on you.)

Example of a GOOD way to start the conversation:  “Hello, Mr. Johnson, my name is Bob with Acme Exterminating.  The reason for my call is to offer you 3 months FREE Pest Control Service. Is that something you might be interested in today?”

Now…if Mr. Johnson says “NO”…you simply say “Sorry to bother you sir. I hope you have a great day.” And you hang up and move on the next call.

But…if he says “YES” or “I might be”…then you ask this question: “May I take just a few seconds to explain the special offer we’re making today to you and your neighbors?”  To which he will almost always reply “Sure”.

Now you have been invited by Mr. Johnson to give your sales pitch.  That one point alone will increase your conversion rate significantly…and that is a FACT.

But…on the other hand…if you begin the conversation with anything that remotely resembles the usual telemarketing two bit mindless small talk…you will reduce your chances of acceptance dramatically.  And that too is a FACT.

Bottom Line:  When selling, you’d better get to the value proposition in a hurry or it will cost you dearly.

As always, thanks for reading this article. I hope this information is helpful to you.


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