Pest Control Marketing-Guess what I heard about YOU!

I’ll bet that subject line made you automatically want to click on this email and read it.


Because we want to know what other people think and say about us.  It’s important, especially as it relates to our business.  It is our REPUTATION.

 Plus… it’s just human nature.  We’re curious about how others perceive us.

FACT:  What someone else says about you is a thousand times more powerful than what you say about yourself.  

When people talk about you and your business, things are going to happen.  If the talk is good…good things will happen.  And if the talk is bad…well…that’s not good.

Example:  Let’s say I move to a new town and decide to go out to dinner at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant.

 If I call and speak with Luigi and ask him, “Where’s the best place to eat Italian food in this town?”…what do you think he will tell me?    “Why, it’s Luigi’s of course!”  Duh.

I would expect no other answer.  It is a rather meaningless recommendation.

But…let’s say I’m in the local bank opening my new checking account and I ask the bank officer, “Where’s the best place to eat Italian food in this town?”, and she tells me, “ It’s without a doubt Luigi’s”…now I am inclined to be excited about dining at Luigi’s.

She has no vested interest in telling me anything other than the truth. Therefore I am inclined to believe her and make my decision based on what she told me.

Make sense?  I hope so.

Testimonials are powerful marketing tools, no matter what business you’re in.  People pay attention to what other people say.

 If someone says something good about you or your business, you certainly want other people to know about it.

And the more powerful and direct the statement, the more impact it will have on the psyche of the other person.

 You should be gathering testimonials at every opportunity and using them to promote your business.  They should be included on your website, your ads, your brochures, your signage, your business cards, your flyers, and  certainly in your sales presentations and proposals.

Testimonials are one of the most effective buying response triggers that cause people to make a decision to buy from YOU instead of your competitor.

Thanks for reading this letter, and I hope you have a great day!


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