Pest Control Marketing – And they’re off!

Ever watched a horserace? 

 I don’t watch many, but I always try to catch the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Bellmont Stakes. 

 I have friends who are really into horseracing and so we all get together and make a party out of it. Hey, any excuse to party, right? Throw in some low stakes bets, and it’s a fun afternoon.

Now, if you’ve ever watched a horserace, you know this:  It is very fast and furious. And it’s all over with in a couple of minutes.  Years of tremendous cost, exhaustive labor and major preparation go into this very brief event.  All of the apples are laid on the line.  Make it or break it.  It’s the one big shot.  No time for second thoughts or changes in strategy.

This is it, Brother!

 And one fact that is unavoidable is this:  If a horse stumbles coming out of the gate…..or at anytime during the race… is pretty much all over with but the cryin’.  There ain’t  no second chance.  The other horses pass you by and, before you know it, the race is over.  One little stumble throws you so far back in the pack, it’s  impossible to recover. 

 And, like I said, a horse can stumble at any time during a race……coming out of the gate, in the far turn, down the backstretch, or in the final race for the wire. 

 Bottom line is this:  In a horserace, you can’t afford to mess up.  One mistake and the race is lost.  And between now and next year can be a long, hard, expensive dry spell.

 Do you get what I’m saying here?

 Well, the exact same thing is true with your marketing message.  Whether it’s your elevator speech, sales presentation, website, yellow page ad, brochure, business card, storefront sign, your vehicle, or any other means of communicating with your potential prospects and/or customers….your message had better be razor sharp.  As a matter of fact, it had better slice through the other person’s psyche and subconscious mind like a red hot scalpel through warm cocoa butter.

 If anything…..and I mean ANYTHING…..causes the other person’s brain to stumble…..if the subconscious mind is left in a state of confusion….. your message is dead.  You can go right on talking, but the other person’s brain will never catch up.  The page will be turned to the next ad, or your website will be closed out so fast you won’t even see it happening.  You’ll be going right on with your sales presentation while the other person’s subconscious mind will take them right out of the race.

 This is the one single big problem with 99.9 percent of all small businesses, when it comes to their marketing.  They are totally unaware of the dead-ends and fatal flaws that cause major stumbling in their message.  And, believe me, it is a deadly mistake!

 But then, why should they know.  They haven’t spent years studying the

 A confused mind says ‘NO’.  A confused brain won’t buy anything. 

 I’m simply stating a fact here.  Sorry if it doesn’t set well with you. It is not my intention to upset you or offend you.  My sole purpose here is to cause a little light bulb to switch on in your head.  I want you to know this stuff.  I want you to ‘get it’. It is too important for you to ignore.

 At most of my seminars, I will randomly pick out members of the audience and ask them to tell me, in 30 seconds, what they do and why I should do business with them. Those people look like ‘deer caught in the headlights’. It’s like they’ve never, ever even contemplated the remote possibility that someone might ask such a question.  (And, when they do try to answer, it is almost always complicated, confusing, rambling, disjointed, mundane and predictable.) 

 And yet, our brains are asking that same question over and over again. “Why should I do business with you?  What’s in it for ME?  What major problem is your product and/or service going to solve for ME?  What PAIN is going to be RELIEVED by this? Why should I want to do this, especially NOW? Why might I REGRET this decision later on? What if I get RIPPED OFF?  Who will PROTECT me? What if I’m WRONG?”

 What if, what if, what if………???    

 And remember….a confused mind almost always says ‘NO’!

 Understanding psychological marketing and how to identify and use the  response triggers in the subconscious mind that cause people to make a decision to buy from YOU instead of your competitor….and to buy from you NOW….. is the absolute key to creating new business. 

This needs to be incorporated into each and every single thing you do and say to promote your business.

 If you DO understand how it works, you can attract continuous streams of new customers like bees to a honey pot.   If you don’t, you will never be able to attract the numbers of customers that were right at your fingertips…..and you let them slip away and never even knew it.

And that ends up costing YOU a fortune over your business lifetime.

More food for thought.

Please don’t hesitate to call on me if I can ever help you in any way.

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