Pest Control Marketing – 3 BIG Things You Must Do!

Pest Control Marketing Strategies and Resources to help YOU grow your business!

Pest control marketing strategies are …or at least should be…designed for one purpose…and that is to get more new customers.

When marketing a small business of any kind there are 3 basic rules you must follow in order to be successful. I like to call it the 3 legged stool of marketing.

And those 3 legs are:

  1. Message
  2. Market
  3. Media

If you fail to properly negotiate any one of the legs, the stool will not stand up. It will fall.

Message:  This is what you want to say to your prospects. It is your battle cry. It is the bold promise or benefit that you want to deliver to your customers. And it MUST be something that they really want. Otherwise they will NOT buy it.

Market: These are the people you want to deliver your message to. Example: If you are selling hamburgers, you want to find a crowd of hamburger lovers who are hungry and ready to eat lunch! You can have a great message but if you deliver it to the wrong market you will not be successful.

Media: This is the vehicle you choose to deliver you message to your chosen market.  Radio, television, direct mail, door-to-door, yard signs, billboards, etc. are all examples of forms of media.

If you have a great message…and you find a way to deliver it to the right people…at the right time…you cannot fail.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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Service Business Marketing – How to SKYROCKET your business

Service Business Marketing Tip #1

Successful service business marketing…such as pest control, roofing, plumbing, heating & air, house painting, electrical, etc…is no different than marketing any other business. There are a few BIG things and lots and lots of little things that must be done…and all done CORRECTLY if you want to maximize your growth and sales.

And…there are certain things that must be AVOIDED at all costs…if you want your business to grow and keep growing.

So…how do you know which ones to do and how to do them correctly?

And how do you know what NOT to do?

Watch the short video below and I’ll tell you the ONE BIG THING that can make all the difference in the world with your business and set you on a course of business growth for the rest of your life!

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