Attention:  This workshop is exclusively for PCOs and WCOs who are frustrated with slow business growth and would like to be able to double, triple, even quadruple the size of your business faster than you ever imagined!

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How To Grow YOUR Pest Control Business and Keep It Growing…Even When The Economy Tanks!


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Hal Coleman is considered to be the number one pest control marketing coach on the planet.  He has spent years studying sales psychology, neuroscience and cutting edge buyer behavior and how they can be used specifically in the pest control industry to generate more sales, more referrals and more new customers. ( His clients average 25-45% annual growth, with some much higher!)

And now he has put together what will be the most Powerful, Dynamic, Compelling…and PROFITABLE… pest control marketing event you’ve ever attended!

FACT: If your business grows at a rate of 42 percent each year…it will DOULBE EVERY 2 YEARS!

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(Be sure to read testimonials at the bottom of this page!)


Please read the following questions and answer them honestly.

  • Would you like for your phone to be ringing more often?
  • Would you like to be getting a lot more business from your website?
  • Would you like to know how to get more walk-up business from your vehicle?
  • Would you like to know why some people choose to do business with your competitors instead of you?
  • Would you like to know how to say exactly the right things to people that cause them to automatically choose YOU to do business with?
  • Would you like to know how to get your current customers to refer you a lot more often?

If you answered YES to even one of the above questions, you need to keep reading because you are about to find out exactly how you can make those things happen!


But first, why should you listen to Hal Coleman? What does he know that you probably don’t?

Hal has  been active in the pest control industry for over 40 years, including…

  •  Entomologist
  • 10 years as a state regulatory inspector for The Georgia Department of Agriculture
  •  6 years in termite and pest control service and sales for a large independent pest control company
  • 18 years owning and operating his own successful termite and pest control company
  • Started as out as one-man-with-a-spray-can and built a million dollar pest control business
  • Past president of The Georgia Pest Control Association
  • Founding member of Georgia Pest Control Association’s Train the Trainer program
  • Author of 5 books on marketing and selling
  • PCO sales trainer and growth coach
  • Powerful Motivator
  • Professional Speaker and Entertainer
  • Taught thousands of PCOs, WCOs, managers, sales people and technicians how to generate more sales and increase their closing percentages

As you can see, when it comes to the termite and pest control business, Hal Coleman has been around the block more than a few times. He has had his  share of successes…and failures…and he is quick to share them both with YOU.

In this half day you will discover…

  • How to get more new customers from your website!
  • How to get more new customers from you vehicles!
  • How to get more new customers from you sales presentations!
  • How to get more referrals from your current customers!
  • You will see exactly where and WHY you are LOSING BUSINESS right now that you aren’t even aware of… and what you can do to stop the leaks and plug the holes!

You will also learn..

  • WHY customers BUY!
  • How to get prospects to say YES to you  over and over again!
  • How to know who the real decision maker is (it’s definitely not who you think)!
  • How to get a conditional commitment from someone in 30 seconds or less!
  • How to easily PROVE to someone that YOU are the person they should choose to do business with!
  • How to qualify a person as a good prospect in a way that makes them feel safe and secure!
  • How to make it easy for people to buy from YOU!
  • How to give your prospects a high level of comfort in making the decision to do business with YOU!
  • What to say when someone says, “I’ll think about it”!
  • The number one way to deal with an objection!

PLUS…a whole lot more!

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If it sounds like a lot of information for one day…you bet it is.  That’s why it’s called “UNCENCORED & UNPLUGGED”.  It is and entire day of Hal Coleman wide open (yes, there will be a short breaks) .  He is going to share the absolute best of what he has. No holding back.  You are going to come away with a “brainload” of great, helpful tips, strategies and techniques to help you grow your pest control business.

Who should attend?

If you…

  • Are not satisfied with the current growth of your business and you are looking for a better way to double, triple, or quadruple your growth
  • Want to make more money this next year
  • Don’t mind working hard to get what you want
  • Are open to new ideas
  • Realize the value of this opportunity
  • Love to learn
  • Are coachable

Then you definitely don’t want to miss this event.

Who should NOT attend?

If you…

  • Are not serious about growing your business
  • Don’t want any more new customers
  • You are stubborn and set in your ways and cannot change
  • Already know everything there is to know
  • You are hopelessly negative
  • Are Rosie O’Donnell, Tom Cruise or Charlie Sheen

Then you definitely should NOT attend this event.

Now…seating is going to be very limited (50 people) so if you want to attend, you need to click on the blue link on this page and register ASAP before it fills up and you get left out.

When: Wednesday, Feb. 21st, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Plus networking/Q&A with Hal after the meeting till YOU get tired!)

Where: GPCA Office, 2034 Beaver Ruin Rd., Norcross, Ga. 30071

Cost:  Early Bird Registration = $297.00 if you pre-register before Feb. 15th!!!  ($497.00 if you wait, which is still less than the price of one termite job or one good annual pest contract!)

Again, seating will be very limited (50 people) so you’d better reserve your seat quickly…and SAVE $200.00 if you want to be there.

For more information you can call Hal at 770-993-0004 or email

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Read the comments below and hear what other PCOs and WCOs say about working with Hal. (Feel free to call any one of them at any time.)

“My name is Mack Glover and I’m the President of Arrow Pest Service in Panama City, FL. I have been working with Hal Coleman for 1 one year and we have seen a 65% increase in our sales revenue since we have started. I made up my mind that I was going to do whatever he instructed me to do (no matter how CRAZY it might sound) and it has paid off in a BIG way. The return on our investment with Hal is definitely worth it, I DO NOT regret one penny of it. Hal knows what he is talking about, so just do it. You WILL Not be disappointed, I promise. Hal  is very professional and amazing to work with and I always look forward to our weekly meetings, so much so that I’ve signed up for another year. Please feel free to contact me anytime about Hal’s coaching program.”           Mack Glover, president – Arrow Pest Service, Panama City, Fla. (850) 8741900

“Working with Hal has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business. His knowledge of different ways to acquire new customers is amazing. My website has become a powerful marketing and sales tool thanks to the help from Hal Coleman. I look forward to every meeting with him and I would recommend Hal Coleman to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.  He is truly a master of his craft”. Dan Nielsen, Genuine Pest Control, Omaha, Nebraska – 402-619-4424

“This year I signed up for Hal Coleman’s annual coaching program and had him come to my office and meet with my 7 technicians and show them how to generate referrals from our current customers. Up to that point, they seldom if ever brought in any referrals. Hal spent a half day with them teaching them his simple, no-brainer referral generation strategy.  Well, that was exactly 7 weeks ago. And since that time they have brought in a total of 79 referrals which have resulted in 26 sales totaling a little over $11,000.00. That is an average of over $1570.00 per week, which will be over $80,000.00 in new sales this year. That one thing alone has made his coaching program a great value to me…and I know there is a lot more to come!” Erik Gardner, Volunteer Rid-A-Pest, Cleveland, Tn. 423-472-7736

“I booked one day of coaching with Hal Coleman and I can honestly say that I got my money’s worth during the very first hour we spent together.  I received so much powerful and useful information that I was blown away by it.  He certainly lived up to his reputation of over-delivering on everything he promises.  I would tell you that, if you want to learn how to get more new customers and grow your business, you need to book a day with Hal.  It’ll be a day you’ll never forget.  I can tell you right now that I will be spending more time with Hal in the future!”  Mark Hunter – President, Landmark Pest  and Wildlife Solutions, Macon, Ga.  478-972-4357

“Hal Coleman is my coach. He advised me to attend a trade show this past March.  He told me exactly what to say and wrote the promotional letter for me to hand out to vendors.  He also coached me on how to follow up with the leads I generated. In the past 90 days since the show, I have sold approximately $50,000.00 in new business from that show…and the leads are still coming in!“  John Taylor, Commercial Pest Management, Phoenix, Az., 623-299-5340

“Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks hasn’t met Hal Coleman. I’ve owned my pest control company for over 30 years and not only has Hal taught me a whole new approach to growing our business but he’s rebooted my enthusiasm. Oh, and by the way, my employees average 15 years with the company and they all feel the same way after our full day seminar with Hal. It has been a great investment to work with Hal.  Thanks Hal!” John Kaiser, President, Island Pest Control, Hilton Head Island, S.C. 843-681-5188

“I’ve only been in Hal Coleman’s coaching program for a little over a month and I’m already seeing some amazing things happen. He told me exactly how to change the home page of my website and incorporate certain psychological buy buttons to capture and hold a new viewer’s attention. I did exactly what he said and my bounce rate has gone from an average of 80% to down below 10%! They are staying on my website site from about 17 seconds before to now about 2.5 minutes now!” John Byrd, Byrd Pest Control, Patterson, Ca. 209-892-2973

 “After being in business for myself for 2 ½ years, I have spent about $2400.00 in coaching/ consulting fees with Hal Coleman.  And that included building my new website and blog. I spent an additional $2000.00 on my truck wrap (based solely on what Hal told me to do).  And what has been my return on that investment?  I can tell you that my website and my truck have generated approximately $80,000.00 in new sales just in the past 18 months!  If you want more new customers, you need to call Hal Coleman and let him help you.  It will be the best time and money you will ever spend on your business.” Mark Hunter, Landmark Pest and Wildlife Solutions, Macon, Ga.  478-972-4357

“I have been working with Hal Coleman since January 2014 and have gained a vast amount of knowledge from his coaching program.  At first I was skeptical about how much I would learn, but after the first lesson I knew it was a great investment.  We have begun to implement Hal’s recommendations and are projecting a 30% growth in sales this year.”  Tommy Casselberry – Green Seasons Lawn and Pest Control, Baton Rouge, LA 225-752-2333

“Hal’s consultation with me today was priceless. Don’t let his folksy delivery fool you. This man is SMART and he “gets it”. I came away with tons of ideas I could use as soon as I put the phone down. And I did!! Thanks Hal!” Doug Foster, Burt’s Termite & Pest Control, Inc., Columbus, Indiana  (812) 372-3212 

“I have worked with Hal for only four hours of time so far and already it has paid off.  He has me thinking in a whole different way. After our first meeting I put two of his ideas into place.  Four days later I had a lady call our office and thank me for what we had done for her and turns out she was the person that handles the purchasing for her company and it turned into a $20,000.00 sale and new account. The thing about working with Hal is that if you listen and take good notes you will have all the tools you need to be successful. He presents selling in such a way that you can’t help but see why it works. It definitely will change the way you sell.  I’m a customer for life!”  Chris Schneider – Turf Gator Lawn & Pest, Lebanon, Illinois – 618-233-7600

“Two years ago I was working for a large national pest control company in management. I really wanted to be in sales but had no idea how to sell. I struggled for years trying to sell but had very little success. Then I stumbled across Hal Coleman and everything changed.  I purchased (with my own money) his Pest Control Marketing Workshop Library course and began listening to what he had to say…and I started applying his strategies and techniques.  Now…fast forward 18 months. I have moved out of management and become the top sales person in my branch. Last year I sold over $100,000.00 in termite and pest control.  It has totally changed my life. Now I love selling because I know how to do it and make it fun…and effective. I will forever be grateful to Hal. If you want to learn how to sell…you need to get his Pest Control Marketing Workshop program now!” Danny Jaso, Richardson, Tx. 214-998-5101.

“I can honestly say that the single most valuable thing I have ever done to grow my business was hiring Hal Coleman as my coach.  He has a way of making things seem so simple and, when you do them, they work.  He has given me the confidence to know that I will always be able to go out and get new customers and generate more referrals in my community.  If you are serious about growing your business, you should call Hal today and enroll in his coaching program.  It will benefit you for the rest of your life!”  Joanne Newell, Center for Energetic Healing, Roswell, Ga. 678-744-3257

“When I first started working with Hal, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know”, If you feel like you’re struggling with your marketing, just sign up for a one hour coaching session with Hal and test it out.  I can assure you that the value you get from that one session will come back to you in ideas that will make you multiple times what you paid for that one hour of your time.   I’m happy to be a client of Hal’s”  Patrick Bruner, APM Advanced Pest Management, LLC. Shelbyville, IN (317) 402-5291.


“Working with Hal has made our staff a more focused and determined “Team”. Sometimes in today’s business climate we have little time to pay attention to the numerous details that can help a company grow. Hal brought those details together and presented them in an easy to understand manner that helped not only me but our employees set our goals for the future. With larger items, both known to me and not, Hal placed before us a path the company could follow for now as well as for the future.  My pride sometimes wouldn’t allow me to agree at times but try Hal’s ideas anyway and you too will not be able to deny the results!” Tim Green, Green’s Exterminating Co., Inc. Nashville, TN (615) 889-0869

“Mr. Coleman, thank you for the very positive coaching session we had last Saturday.  I am already putting in practice some of the information and tips that you shared with me and seeing good results right away.  I’ll be in touch in the near future!”   Eli Tella, Elite Pro Termite & Pest Control, Brownsville, Tx.  956-544-7371

“I started working with Hal in April, 2014 and it has been a great learning experience!  I am always looking forward to the next session…..because I know it will be a shot of energy! If you want to increase your sales, call Hal.  Much appreciated. Thanks Hal.”     Mike Reed, Rhino Hide, LLC, Eaton Park, Fla.  O. 863-665-0203

“Hal already has a thousand great ideas and he constantly comes up with more.  Just do what he says, don’t do anything before talking to him about it and you will be a successful business owner.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.”  Jon Fulsom, J & L Termite and Pest Control, Owasso, Oklahoma,  918-798-8690


“Hal, with much consideration, contemplation and consummation of what entered my brain today, I can’t thank you enough for your time and knowledge in giving us the tools to become successful. I absolutely will look at my approach differently and for the better. I look forward to working with you in the future. I very much appreciate your no nonsense and honest approach in helping folks realize just a better way to communicate. You’re a gem of a gentleman, and I thank you.” J. Deron Lewis – Rhinohide, LLC – Lakeland, Fla. 866-347-4466

“Within a short period of time Hal Coleman had me perfecting my marketing message that will allow me to blow my competition out of the water. Thanks Hal!”   Bret Burgess, President & Entrepreneur, Burgess Development Group Inc.,  Fairfield, Missouri
 ” Hal, You may remember that Dena and I attended your seminar last fall.  And, we invited you to our company to do a management session recently. I greatly appreciate your help and your continuing efforts to help us.  Every dollar I have spent on  your advice has been an incredible bargain for us.  And, I have used lots of consultants over the years.  I will be in touch for future help and advice.”   Jeff Annis, Advanced Services, Inc. Augusta, GA., Martinez, GA., Aiken, SC.  706-860-0116     
“I learned more about selling in a few hours with Hal than I had learned in a
long time.  I also relearned some things I used to know.  Its not rocket
science…it is work…smart work and that is what I am doing
differently now-working and selling smarter.”  Gary Snodgrass,  Green Mountain Pest Control, Cleveland, Tenn. 423-331-8461

“Hal, Thank you for the recent conference calls. Joe and I found them to be extremely helpful in understanding the pest control marketplace. We also found it very insightful from a psychological sales point. We plan on using your services now and into the future. We would also like to have you as our key advisor going forward. Hal, thanks again for your help.”    John Mulcahy, Norman Pest Control, Walpole, Ma.  508-668-6829

“Hal,  I wanted to thank you for your coaching and all you’ve taught me. My mind is going crazy and I can’t stop thinking about my advertising and marketing efforts. You have me thinking in a completely different way, you’ve made it exciting. I wish I would have met you years ago!!!  Thank You. Eric Smith, Termite Lawn and Pest, Inc. Orlando, Fla.  407-408-5315

“I recently started a pest control company and needed new ideas for marketing. I found Hal Coleman online and something told me to give him a shot. After my session with him today, in just a couple of hours I now have tools that will benefit me on all aspects of marketing. He exceeded all my expectations.”     Ceasar Rios, H T Pest Control, Natalia, TX 210-843-1992


“I have come to know and trust Hal Coleman over the past several years. I have benefited on many occasions from his sage counseling and advice. Hal is a great communicator and has a unique ability to assess complex business situations and pass on clear, distinct, and creative ideas for me to consider.” Chris Wescott – Sales Consultant, 770-823-5656

“I was having a slow year and decided to advertise in a local community magazine.  Hal Coleman told me 5 things to do to my ad that would cause people to call me.  At first, I thought it was pretty outrageous stuff.  It went totally against what other advertising agents had told me.  But, I listened to Hal and designed my ad according to his instructions.  Well, all I can say is…I got slammed with so much business I couldn’t handle it all.  We were working 7 days a week for awhile, just from calls coming in from that one ad.  If you listen to Hal and do what he says, you will get more customers. (This is not the first time I have used Hal as a consultant, and it has paid off every time!)”  David Garland, President -Garland Services, Inc., Douglasville, Ga.,     678-414-7798

“This past year we hired Hal Coleman to teach our service professionals a simple strategy for generating leads from total strangers on the street, and additional referrals from our current customers.   Over the next 60 days, using his technique, we generated 300 new sales, which resulted in over $80,000.00 in additional income.  Thanks Hal!”  Greg Vines, Regional Manager-Allgood Pest Solutions, Dublin, Ga.    478-272-6271

“Hal delivered an outstanding keynote speech that far exceeded our expectations.  Everyone raved about his wit, humor, and down-to-earth presentation style.  Hal kept the audience fully engaged and his message was very thought provoking.  We feel confident that his practical insights will add great value to what we do.”    Craig Goodwin, Director, Learning Solutions, Rollins, Inc.,   404-877-4600

 “After attending one of Hal’s seminars, I made one change in the signage on the side of my truck and the new business I got as a result more than paid for the cost of the seminar.  His stuff works.”   Manuel Snipes, President, Azalea City ExterminatingValdosta, Ga.      229-241-9372

“When I became dissatisfied with results from advertising in local telephone directories, I called Hal Coleman.  He came to my office and spent all day with my team, did everything he promised, and exceeded all of my expectations.  Because of his visit we are changing our marketing focus and have already begun to see results from his Direct Response Marketing approach. If you want to know how to get more new customers for your pest control business, you need to call Hal today!”  Ennis G. Laney, President, Ennis Exterminating, Inc. Fayetteville, Ga.  770-716-0867

“This past year I hired Hal Coleman to coach me on how to market my pest control company.  I’ll have to admit, I thought he was a little crazy at first.  But I did what he told me to do, and it has led to new sales and new customers, just like he said it would.   If you want to know how to get more new customers for your pest control business, you definitely need to get Hal into your office ASAP and let him show you how.  I will difinitely be using his services in the future!”  Fred Talley, President, Faith Pest Control, Talking Rock, Ga.        770-823-9202

If you are frustrated, struggling or stuck and your business is not growing as fast as you would like for it to, then you need come to this workshop and learn. That is the FIRST STEP to get things moving for you.

I hope to see YOU there!


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