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The 10 Most Important Things You Must Consider If You Are SERIOUS About GROWING YOUR BUSINESS (Neglect any one of them and it will ultimately cost you a fortune!)


Take time to think carefully about each of the subjects below and how they apply to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS today. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of this information with me, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 770-993-0004.

1.  A product or service people WANT! Sound obvious? Not hardly. All too often we try to sell people things that WE want or things we think our customers should want. We fail to understand exactly what THEY really want. This is a MAJOR MISTAKE. Don’t ever think you know what your customers want until you test it and PROVE IT. You might be surprised!

 2.  A crystal clear Unique Selling Proposition, or Differentiation Statement.

How are you different from all of your competition?

What can YOU give me that they can’t?

What can you do for me that they can’t?

Without a clear USP, you are simply another apple in the barrel.

If someone asks, “Why should I do business with YOU?” you need to be able to tell them something totally different than what all of your competitors are telling them.

Can you do that?  If not, you will almost always lose out to a lower price.

3.  Great Customer Service (I call it “Shock & Awe” Customer Service.) Remember this: Satisfied customers don’t go out of their way to refer people. AMAZED customers do.

You don’t just want satisfied customers, you want RAVING FANS. The way you create raving fans is by always going the extra mile and giving them MORE than what they paid for. This creates a sense of appreciation….and obligation….which ultimately leads to more referrals and more new customers!

4.  A name and face (preferably yours) that people identify with the business. Make it personal. Give them someone to talk to. Remember: It’s not about the business….it’s about the RELATIONSHIP!


Lee Iacocca/Chrysler

Dave Thomas/Wendy’s

Colonel Sanders/Kentucky Fried Chicken

George Zimmer/Men’s Wearhouse

The Marlboro Man

Even though some of those people are long gone, we still associate the product with them. It made doing business with them very personal and emotional.  And it built fortunes!

Who is the name and face of YOUR BUSINESS? Who do people immediately think of when someone mentions your company?

 5. An easily identifiable brand or hook. How would someone describe YOU and YOUR BUSINESS in one sentence, so that a stranger would recognize you? (I’m a tall thin guy with long white hair, and I drive a bright red Ford pickup truck.)

We drive the pink trucks!

We’re the guys with the frog on top!

Who are YOU?

6. Effective signage and/or ads that makes a bold promise or states a specific benefit. Make a bold statement of what the prospect is going to get, then massively over-deliver on your promise. This will insure your success!

And don’t use the name of your company as the headline.


Because nobody cares about the name of your company. Sorry. They only care about what you can do for THEM.

So…you MUST say it in the HEADLINE!

 7.  A killer 30 second speech. You need that one, simple speech (elevator pitch) that convinces people beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU are the one they should choose to do business with. And you can deliver it orally or in writing.

FACT: If you can’t convince someone to do business with you in 30 seconds…you probably can’t convince them…period.

 8.  A great website. I mean…a website that attracts people and gives them a clear, concrete, undeniable reason to do business with you and funnels them directly into your business. And it must be consistent with the overall image you portray in person and in your other marketing.

There are basically two types of websites: Pretty websites…and websites that make money.

Which type of website do YOU have?

 9. A list, or lists, of your customers and connections. You must keep people in the loop at all times. Never let your customers forget about you. Reach out and touch them often….and I do mean OFTEN! Give them FREE stuff (ethical bribes) and that doesn’t mean trinkets.

I mean give them valuable information that helps them solve a major problem or relieve a major pain. This helps create a sense of appreciation and obligation…..which leads to more referrals and more new customer!

 10. Constant flow of information. No dead ends. Everything needs to lead to something else. i.e.

Email leads to phone call, leads to coffee, leads to presentation, leads to sale, leads to referral, leads to email, leads to phone call,….etc. etc. etc.

 11.  BONUS: Find a coach or mentor who can teach you all the things you don’t know. (And trust me…you don’t know what you don’t know). Coaching will be the best investment you will ever make in yourself and your business.

Don’t make the mistake of trusting ad agents, sign companies and web designers to help you grow your business. They are struggling small business people just like YOU.  It’s like trusting another golfer to teach you how to play golf. If you’re serious about becoming a better golfer, you do what the pros do…you get a GOOD COACH!

So…if you are serious about wanting create a growing, thriving business where the phone rings constantly, all you have to do is call me at 770-993-0004 and let me treat  you to a FREE One Hour “Double Your Business” Coaching Session!   I will show you exactly what you need to do to make your business GROW… and it won’t cost you one single penny!

And, don’t worry about me trying to sell you anything.  If you ever choose to become my client, it will be YOUR CHOICE, not mine.

I’m looking forward to our conversation!



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Hal Coleman
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